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Advice for patients: please phone your chosen pharmacy before arriving to check if they are offering the service you need when you visit.  Pharmacy information is not maintained by NHS 111 Wales, but maintained by NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership. 

  • Sheppards Pharmacy

    5-7 John Street



    CF44 6BL

    Tel: 01443 476744

    Fax: 01443 476744

    Disabled Access: Yes

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  • Services Offered

    Service does: Bridging Quick Start Contraception
    Service does: Common Ailments Service
    A service intended to enable pharmacists to provide advice and support to eligible patients complaining of a common ailment, and where appropriate, to supply drugs to them for the treatment of the common ailment.
    Service does: Consultation area (HB approved)
    Service does: Disabled access
    Service does: Discharge Medicine Review (DMR)
    A review intended to support patients recently discharged between care settings, by minimising unintended medication changes and supporting adherence
    Service does: Emergency Medicines Supply (EMS)
    A service intended to enable the supply of previously prescribed medication to patients, via the NHS, who may have run out of medication, or may have lost or damaged their medication, or have left home without them and they are unable to obtain a further prescribed supply before the next dose is due.
    Service does: Home Delivery Service
    Service does: Large print labels
    Service does: Out Of Hours Service
    Service does: Palliative Care Just in Case scheme
    A service intended to enable the supply of medication for the management of breakthrough symptoms in patients receiving palliative care.
    Service does: Provides Emergency Contraception (EC)
    A service intended to enable the supply of emergency hormonal contraception (EHC) and sexual health advice to patients where clinically indicated and in accordance with nationally agreed Patient Group Directions (PGDs).
    Service does: Seasonal Flu Vaccine
    A service intended to enable the administration of seasonal flu vaccine to eligible patients, in line with a nationally agreed patient group direction (PGD).
    Service does: Smoking Cessation L3 - Help me quit – NRT
    A service intended to provide a program of motivational support and nicotine replacement therapy to people wishing to quit smoking.
    Service does: Smoking Cessation L3 - Help me quit – Varenicline (PGD)
    Service does: Smoking cessation level 2
    A service intended to supply nicotine replacement therapy to people accessing a program of stop smoking support from Help Me Quit and other NHS providers.
    Service does: Sore throat test and treat
    The Sore Throat Test and Treat service offers patients with sore throat symptoms to access clinical screening, clinical assessment and appropriate treatment from a community pharmacy. The service is provided by accredited pharmacists, and patients are advised to confirm availability before travelling to a specific pharmacy.
    Service does: Supervised administration of prescribed medicine
    A service intended to reduce the inappropriate use or diversion of opioid substitution treatment through the direct supervision of administration.
    Service does: Waste Reduction Scheme
    A service intended to reduce prescribing waste and over ordering of repeat medication, through direct interaction with the patient prior to dispensing.
    Service does: Wide aisles

    Out of Hours for Today:

    17:30 to 18:00

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