Who shouldn't have the flu vaccine?

Who shouldn't have a flu vaccine?

There are very few people who cannot have a flu vaccine.

People who have previously had a serious allergic reaction to a flu vaccine (or any part of it) should not have that vaccine again.

If you are unwell with a high temperature, it is wise to delay the vaccination until you feel better.

Egg allergy and the flu vaccine

Tell the nurse or doctor or pharmacist if you or the child due to have the flu vaccine has a serious egg allergy. You can still have a flu vaccine but special arrangements are sometimes needed.

Most children who are allergic to egg can receive the nasal spray vaccine with no problem. The small number of children who have previously needed intensive care treatment for anaphylaxis (a rare, life threatening allergic reaction) to egg should be referred to a specialist.

Your GP surgery or community pharmacist should be able to offer you a suitable flu vaccine with a very low egg content, or maybe a vaccine that is egg free.

Depending on the severity of your egg allergy, you may be referred you to a specialist to have the vaccination in hospital.

Fever and the flu vaccine

If you are ill with a fever, it's best to delay your flu vaccination until you have recovered.

A cough, cold or other minor illness is not a reason to delay a flu vaccination. 

Antibiotics and the flu vaccine

It is fine to have the flu vaccine while you are taking antibiotics.


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