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Child vaccination appointment checklist

When your baby or child is due for a routine vaccination, you may receive a notice in the post, detailing an appointment.

You should let your GP practice know if you are unable to attend the vaccination appointment. They will be able to rearrange your child's appointment, but it is important that your child is vaccinated at the right ages, as detailed in the vaccination schedule.

Before the vaccination appointment

Check the appointment notice to see whether the appointment is at your GP practice or at a different local child health clinic.

You should also remember to take your Personal Child Health Record (PCHR) to the appointment. In Wales, this usually has a red cover and is often called the "red book".

At the vaccination appointment

  • report to reception, so they know you're there

The nurse or doctor will check:

  • your child's general health, and what medicines they may be taking
  • which vaccines your child is going to have
  • that you know which diseases the vaccinations protect against
  • that you know what side effects may occur and how to treat them
  • that you're happy to go ahead

After the vaccination

Make sure that the type of injection (and where it was given) is noted down in your red book and in your child's GP records. Your child may need this information later in life – for example, when applying for certain jobs or going to live or study abroad.

What to do if you miss a vaccination appointment

Don't panic. You don't have to start the course of vaccines again, just make a new appointment as soon as you can.

For more information, read our tips on preparing your child for a vaccination.

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