National Contact Points

National Contact Points (NCPs)

Arranging and paying for treatment in another EU state is the responsibility of the individual. They will need to undertake detailed research about the healthcare provisions of their chosen destination to ensure they are appropriate for their needs.

Under the provisions of the Directive, all EU member states are required to provide one or more National Contact Points (NCPs) to advise patients seeking treatment in another EU state.

The NCP in Wales will provide information to prospective EU patients coming to Wales for treatment and to advise Welsh patients seeking treatment in other EU states.  You can email the NCP in Wales at - when emailing can you provide us with as much information as possible in order for us to provide the most appropriate response e.g. where you live, your postcode, where you are going for treatment.

The NCP must ensure that information about each of the following is available:

  • health care providers;
  • patients’ rights;
  • complaints procedures and methods of seeking remedies;
  • legal and administrative options available to settle disputes, including in the event of harm arising from the provision of health care.
  • standards and guidelines on quality and safety and the health care providers who are subject to these standards
  • provision about the supervision and assessment of health care provider
  • accessibility of hospitals for persons with disabilities

NCP Contact Details by EEA state.

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