Complaints about care in the EEA

How do Welsh Residents treated abroad under the EU Directive on cross border healthcare make a complaint?

Making a request for treatment in another EEA country does not conflict with a patient’s ability to make a complaint.

If a person wishes to complain about the treatment that they received abroad, under the EU Directive on cross border healthcare, they must direct that complaint to the authorities of the country in which they received the treatment.

The NHS is not responsible for any treatment that a person has chosen to have abroad. This treatment falls under the laws of the country where it took place. Each country covered by the directive will have a National Contact Point who will be able to provide details of how to make a complaint about the services you received.

Patients may also use the European Commission’s Complaints Procedure and advice on this procedue may be obtained from:

European Commission Office in Wales
Caspian Way
CF10 4QQ

Telephone: 029 20895020
Fax: 029 20895035

Legal systems vary widely across Europe. You may need expert legal advice and so may wish to find a lawyer to help you with your complaint. This could be a specialist UK lawyer or a local lawyer in the country where you had your treatment.

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