My Health Plan

A year-round scheme to help people with long-term physical or mental health conditions and their carers to provide clear information to health and care staff who may need to visit their home in an emergency situation.

My Health Plan

As part of the Choose Well campaign, we have introduced an initiative to help people with long-term health conditions and their carers.  My Health Plan will share some basic information with health and care staff making a home visit about:

  • their condition
  • the support they receive, and
  • the advice they have been given
  • their key health and care support contact details

Who is the scheme for?

It is designed to help:

  • anyone living with a long term physical or mental health problem
  • older people with health needs,  or
  • anyone who may need support from health staff 
  • Registered carers and family members looking after people with long-term health conditions

How does it work?

You, a friend or family member or your carer (if you have one) fills in the Plan to give basic information about you, including:

  • your main health conditions,
  • contact details for your GP and
  • where your care plan and/or details of your prescriptions are kept at home.

What are we asking you to do?

  1. Download the My Health Plan template here
  2. Complete the plan in CAPITAL LETTERS using a ballpoint pen, making sure it is clear and easy to read. If you are currently under the care of any community health staff they can help you to fill it in at your next home visit.
  3. Display your plan where it can be easily seen by visiting health and care staff – you might want to use a fridge magnet to put the plan on your fridge or another metal surface, or put it on a notice board.
  4. If you become ill and a doctor, nurse or paramedic visits your home, they will be able to see some basic information about you and your long-term conditions.  This will help them to start a conversation with you about the care and treatment you might need, and make decisions about how best to help or support you.
  5. If there are other people in your household who may benefit from the scheme, each person should fill in a separate plan and mark it clearly e.g. with Mr, Mrs or their first name to show which plan belongs to who.

You can either download the My Health Plan template here or email to ask for a My Health Plan pack to be sent you by post.

What else can I do to stay well?

We can all keep well by choosing the right health service for our illness or injury.  The Choose Well website can help you to find the best option for you and your family.

Click here for Choose Well information.

You can also call:

•           NHS Direct Wales for free advice at any time on 0845 46 47, or

•           111 if available in your area.

Here are some additional health tips for you to download: