Living and feeling well

Advice, tips and tools for a healthy body and healthy mind.

  • Mental health and wellbeing

    Find information and support for your mental wellbeing.

  • Pregnancy

    Everything you need to know about getting pregnant, pregnancy, labour and birth.

  • Sexual health

    Everything you need to know about sexual health, including contraception and STI's.

  • Alcohol

    Find information and support on excessive alcohol consumption.

  • Quit smoking

    Learn more about the free NHS support available to help you stop smoking.

  • Healthy eating

    A healthy, balanced diet is essential for good health. Find information here on eating well.

  • Exercise

    Learn how to improve your fitness and the benefits of regular exercise.

  • Sleep and tiredness

    Find out how to sleep well and the common lifestyle factors that make you tired.

  • Vaccinations

    A checklist of the vaccines routinely offered in the UK and the ideal age to get them.

  • Travel health

    A guide to healthcare when you are abroad.

  • Medicine cabinet

    The essentials you should keep in your home for minor illnesses or injuries.

  • LGBTQ+

    Useful information and links on a number of topics including accessing healthcare, coming out, health checks and having children.