Barry Community Hospital

Colcot Road


CF62 8YH

Tel: 01446 704000 (Main Hospital)/0300 10 20 247 (CAV 24/7)

Disabled Access: Yes



CAV 24/7 is in place for the Minor Injuries Service at Barry Hospital so you will need to phone first to access this service.

From August 5th 2020, Instead of going straight to the Minor Injury Unit (MIU), people are being asked to phone the CAV 24/7 dedicated telephone number on 0300 10 20 247. This number is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Calls are taken by a call handler who will take the details; if it is a life-threatening emergency, then the call handler will escalate the call to 999. If it is not an emergency, the call handler will log the call in the system so a clinician will call you back. The clinician will attempt to ring you back within 20 minutes if it’s classed as urgent, or within an hour if it’s not. You will then be referred to the most appropriate service, or provided with suitable self-care advice; the right place, the first time. If further assessment at the Minor Injury Unit is considered appropriate, an appointment will be made for you to attend at a particular time.  The MIU is not a walk in service.  For further Information about CAV 24/7, click on the following link:

The MIU can treat 1 year olds and above. 

Alternative Telephone Number: CAV 24/7: 0300 10 20 247

Exclusions: Please do not attend the MIU if you have; Chest pain and chest injury, Respiratory problems, Back problems and injuries, Abdominal pain, Head injuries with loss of consciousness, vision or memory, Gynaecological problems, Pregnancy problems, Drug overdose, Alcohol related problems, Mental health problems, Any condition usually treated by a GP or hospital, Dressing changes/removal of stitches.

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Normal Opening Hours

MIU Opening Times


What will be seen at the MIU

999 CasesGP Referrals with ambulanceGP referrals without ambulanceEmergency Admissions
Minor TraumaYesNoNoNo
Major TraumaNoNoNoNo
General MedicineNoNoNoNo
Paediatric MedicalNoNoNoNo
Paediatric TraumaYesNoNoNo

Services Offered

Service does: Access To Fracture Clinic
Referral to fracture clinic off site, to University Hospital of Wales.
Service does: Age Restrictions
Must be over 1 years old
Service does: Assessment Of Eye Injury
Minor eye injuries only.
Service does not: Bank Holiday
Service does not: Complaints & Concerns
Service does not: Doctor On Site While Open
Service does not: Mental Health
Service does: Minor Burns
Service does not: Minor Chest Injuries
Service does: Minor Head Injuries
With no loss of consciousness, or vision and memory problems
Service does: Minor Injury Service
Minor cuts and grazes.
Service does: Minor Injury Unit
Contact unit before attending. Closes to new patients at 3.30pm (i.e. after 3.30pm only those patients who are already waiting will be treated). Any patients arriving after 3.30pm will be redirected.
Service does: Nurse In The Department While Open
Service does: Nursing Staff Able To Prescribe
Service does: Plastering
Service does: Removal of Foreign Bodies
Ears and nose
Service does: Sprains and Fractures of Limbs
Sprains, strains, and broken bones (fractures) of upper and lower limbs
Service does not: Staffed By Doctors
Service does: Suturing
Non-facial stuturing.
Service does: Tetanus Vaccination
If needed for an injured person
Service does: Treatment Provided By Nurse Practitioners
Service does: Wound Care
Minor cuts and grazes
Service does: X-Rays

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