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Tel: 03000 850 006

Disabled Access: Yes



Dressing clinic operates between 8.30am & 11.30am and between 2.30pm & 5.00pm, 7 days a week.

Exclusions: Anything requiring surgical treatment, patients who are deemed vulnerable e.g. adjudicative medical or psychological needs, those who are frail or elderly, and those under 5 years old. Please see services offered to see what can and cannot be provided.

Out Of Hours Access Arrangements: Can refer patients to the nearest open MIU when this MIU is closed, or patients can be seen in their nearest Emergency Department if urgent.

Visiting Times: Rules around hospital visiting during the COVID-19 restrictions have been updated. Please contact the hospital directly for further details. Please be aware that there are protected meal times and some wards will have restrictions.

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Normal Opening Hours


Assessment and Treatment UnitOpenCloseClinicReferral Needed
Monday9.30am3.00pm12 week sessions for those with clinicalYes
Tuesday10.00am3.00pmForget me Not Sessions for dementiaYes
Wednesday10.00am12.00pmFalls GroupYes
Wednesday1.00pm3.00pmOutreach Sessions for Cancer patients and familyNo
WednesdayAllDayBlood TransfusionsYes
Thursday9.30am3.00pm12 week sessions for those with clinicalYes
Friday10.00am12.00pmCognitive Stimulation TherapyYes
Friday1.00pm4.00pmCarers Health CheckNo

What will be seen at the MIU

ChildrenAged 5 and overNo child below 5 years old
BitesAnimal/HumanNo exotic animals e.g. Snake
AssualtWith minor injury onlyNO severe/loss of consciousness
BurnsMinor less than 3% of body & on the bodyNo burns to the face or deep or covering more than 3% of body & no smoke inhalation
HeadMinor or scalp lacerationNo loss of consciousness or patients on anticoagulation medication
Heat Stroke/HypothermiaMild OnlyNo severe cases
EyeCorneal Abrasion/Contact Lens Problem/Small Foreign Body or ARCNo penetrating injuries
Foreign BodiesMust be small minor and visibleNo not visible objects and cannot be in torso/neck/groin/joints/etc
Abdominal PainNono attendance
Medical IssuesNoNo problems relating to medical conditions e.g. diabetes

Services Offered

Service does: Access To Fracture Clinic
Will refer on following assessment in the MIU.
Service does: Age Restrictions
MIU will not see children under 5
Service does: Anaphylaxis Treatment
Service does: Assessment Of Eye Injury
Will refer onto Eye Department if required following assessment in the MIU.
Service does: Audiology Services
Referred to ENT Services
Service does: Bank Holiday
Service does: Bites & Stings
Not severe human bites or from exotic animals including snakes
Service does: Chiropody Service
Through the Health Board
Service does not: Doctor On Site While Open
Service does: Emergency Contraception (Free)
Service does: Hyperthermia / Hypothermia
Mild Only
Service does: Interpreter/Translation Available
Service does not: Intoxication
Service does not: Manipulation Of Fractures Dislocation
Service does not: Mental Health
Service does: Minor Burns
Less than 3% of body and not deep or to the face/airways
Service does: Minor Eye Injuries
Corneal abrasions, contact lens problems, small foreign bodies, or arc eye. NO penetrating injuries
Service does: Minor Head Injuries
No loss of consciousness any Patients on Anticoagulants
Service does: Minor Injury Unit
Will not see Head Injury Patients on Anticoagulants. or patients who have loss of consciousness.
Service does: Nurse In The Department While Open
Service does: Nurse Led Service
Service does: Nursing Staff Able To Prescribe
Limited. Under PGD guidelines.
Service does: Occupational Therapists
Service does: Physiotherapy
Will refer on
Service does: Plastering
Arms only. Contact before attending.
Service does not: Removal of Foreign Bodies
No not visible foreign bodies or those in certain areas e.g. groin, torso, etc.
Service does not: Smoke Inhalation
Service does not: Speech and Language Therapy
Service does: Sprains and Fractures of Limbs
Minor limb injuries
Service does not: Suturing
Service does not: Telemedicine Links
Service does: Tetanus Vaccination
For injured patients
Service does: Treatment after Assault
Minor injuries only
Service does: Treatment Provided By Nurse Practitioners
Service does: Wound Care
Service does: X-Rays
GP Appointments on Weekdays. Contact MIU before attending for opening times. Not available on weekends & bank holidays.

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