Brecon War Memorial Minor Injury Unit

Cerrigcochion Road



Tel: 01874 622443

Disabled Access: Yes



Please note: the MIU will not accept walk ins.  Patients are required to contact the hospital and they will be called back by a member of the MIU team and offered a telephone consultation.  If they need to be seen, they will be provided with a designated clinic time.  Patients to call: 01874 615800. 

Minor Injury Unit (MIU) available 24 hours, 7 days a week. 

Minor Injury Unit will treat children over 2 years of age. 

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Normal Opening Hours

Minor Injuries Unit Facilities

What will be seenYes/NoInformation
Abdominal InjuryNo
Airway ProblemNo
AssaultMaybeContact to discuss
Back InjuryYesSimple Mechanical Injury
Bites & StingsYesBees/Wasps/Domestic animals/Some Human
Burns & ScaldsYesLess than 3% of body area but no serious Contact MIU
Chest InjuriesYesMinor Rib Trauma
Chest PainNo
Ear InjuryYesNon-Penetrating
Eye InjuryYesMinor abrasions or foreign bodies
Facial/Head/NeckYesAll MINOR
FallsYesSimple mechanical or slips
Removal of Foreign BodiesYesMinor not internal
Head InjuriesRefer to A&E if not minorMinor only NO loss of consciousness & no patients on anticoagulation medication
Hip/Groin InjuryNo
Limb InjuryYesSimple dislocations or fractures
Mental HealthNo
Mouth InjuriesYesDental Injuries RING to discuss
Neck InjuriesYesSimple Minor
Pelvic InjuriesNo
Transport InjuryYesMinor soft tissue NO high impact
WoundsYesWill refer on if needed ONLY simple

Services Offered

Service does: 24 Hour Availability
Service does not: A&E
Service does: Access To Fracture Clinic
Refer to Neville Hall Hospital.
Service does: Assessment of Ear Injury
Non-penetrating foreign bodies
Service does: Assessment Of Eye Injury
Minor abrasions or foreign bodies which are non-penetrating and some chemicals but will need to contact MIU. All others are referred to Hereford County Hospital.
Service does: Bank Holiday
Service does not: Doctor On Site While Open
Service does: Emergency Contraceptive Pill (Free)
Patients should contact the department before attending.
Service does: Interpreter/Translation Available
Can be contacted if needed.
Service does: Manipulation Of Fractures Dislocation
Very minor, patients are sometimes referred to Neville Hall Hospital.
Service does: Minor Bites and Stings
From bees, wasps, domestic animals and some human bites but will need to confirm with MIU
Service does: Minor Burns
Burns and scalds that are less than 3% of body surface area
Service does: Minor Chest Injuries
Trauma which is non-penetrating
Service does: Minor Head Injuries
Facial injuries included where they are superficial, no loss on consciousness & refer to A&E if patient is on anticoagulation medication
Service does: Minor Injury Unit
24 Hours
Service does: Minor Neck Injuries
Soft tissue injuries, simple rear shunt, delayed onset pain. Cannot be high impact.
Service does: Nurse In The Department While Open
24 Hours.
Service does: Nursing Staff Able To Prescribe
Under PGD guidelines.
Service does: Plastering
Service does: Removal of Foreign Bodies
Non-penetrating to the eye, ear, or skin
Service does: Sprains and Fractures of Limbs
Simple dislocated joints, but will need to contact the MIU if multiple fractures
Service does: Suturing
Service does not: Telemedicine Links
Service does: Tetanus Vaccination
For injured persons.
Service does: Treatment Provided By Nurse Practitioners
Service does: Wound Care
Prefer to discuss with MIU first as many wounds can be assessed at MIU and referred on. Simple lacerations are accepted.
Service does: X-Rays
Between 9.00am & 4.30pm Monday to Friday; and between 9.00am & 12.30pm Saturday & Sunday Tel. 01874 615785

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Send: From NHSDW: Brecon War Memorial Minor Injury Unit - Cerrigcochion Road, Brecon, LD3 7NS, Tel: 01874622443, Disabled Access: Yes