Ysbyty Aneurin Bevan

Ysbyty Aneurin Bevan

Lime Avenue

Ebbw Vale

NP23 6GL

Tel: 01495 363636

Disabled Access: Yes

Website: http://abuhb.nhs.wales/hospitals/our-hospitals/ysbyty-aneurin-bevan/


Children under 1 year of age cannot be treated in MIU. Unit closed on weekends and Bank Holidays.

Out Of Hours Access Arrangements: Refer patients who need Minor Injury Treatment to either the Royal Gwent or Nevill Hall Hospital.

Last Updated: 27 September 2021 09:50 by NHS Direct Wales

Normal Opening Hours

Minor Injuries Unit Facilities

Limb InjuriesYesAll fractures managed EXCEPT potential hip/pelvic; open fractures & fracture dislocations
Removal of Foreign BodiesYesEars/Nose/Soft Tissue
Removal of Foreign BodiesNoNo Ingested Objects
WoundsYesAnimal or Human bites; suturing; abrasions/grazes; lacerations/cuts
WoundsNoWill not see self-harm wounds; stabs (Chest/Abdomen) or major bleeding
Minor Burns & ScaldsYesWithout Smoke Inhalation
Insect BitesYes
Minor Head/FaceYes
Minor Head/FaceNoSee Services Offered
Minor NeckYes
Minor NeckNoSee Services Offered
Minor Chest/BackYes
Minor Chest/BackNo See Services Offered
Allergic ReactionsNo
Vulnerable AdultsNoWhere abuse may be suspected
Chest PainNo
Abdominal PainNo
Shortness of BreathNo
Mental HealthNo
Intoxicated related injuriesNo

MIU Opening Times


Services Offered

Service does: Access To Fracture Clinic
All fractures managed EXCEPT potential hip/pelvic, open fractures & fracture dislocations
Service does: Age Restrictions
Anyone over 1 year old
Service does: Assessment Of Eye Injury
Minor eye injuries and foreign bodies
Service does not: Bank Holiday
Service does not: Doctor On Site While Open
Service does not: Emergency Contraception (Free)
Service does not: Interpreter/Translation Available
Service does not: Limited A&E
Service does: Manipulation Of Fractures Dislocation
Minor dislocations only, e.g. finger and toe dislocations
Service does: Minor Burns
Minor Burns and Scalds
Service does: Minor Chest Injuries
Minor Chest/Back - No high energy mechanism (RTC > 35mph, fall from > 1 meter or > 5 steps); involving a vehicle; loss of consciousness; seizure; numbness; reduced consciousness; abdominal pain; fever; uncontrolled pain; pain in legs; struggling to walk; loss of bladder/bowel control; coughing up blood; short of breath; patient on anticoagulants
Service does: Minor Head Injuries
No patients on anticoagulation medication to be seen, No,Injury must not have loss of consciousness; seizure; nausea/vomiting; amnesia; blurred vision; dizziness, persistent headache; be from a high energy mechanism (RTC > 35mph, fall from > 1 meter or > 5 steps)]
Service does: Minor Injury Service
Exclusions Head Injury: Loss of consciousness, Vomiting, Blurred vision, Dementia patients, Unwitnessed falls, Patients who live alone, Children under one years old.
Service does: Minor Injury Unit
Wounds, bites, stings, minor burns, minor head injuries and facial injuries.
Service does: Nurse In The Department While Open
Service does: Nursing Staff Able To Prescribe
Under PGDs; simple analgesia such as paracetamol, ibuprofen, or cocodamol, antibiotics for bites or wound infections, and tetanus/hep B for acute wounds.
Service does: Plastering
Service does: Removal of Foreign Bodies
From ears, nose, and soft tissue
Service does: Suturing
Service does not: Telemedicine Links
Service does: Tetanus Vaccination
Following a tetanus prone incident and acute wounds.
Service does: Treatment Provided By Nurse Practitioners
Nurse Practitioner led.
Service does not: Waiting Times Officer
Service does: Wound Care
Animal/Human/Insect bites, wounds requiring suturing, abrasions (grazes), or lacerations/cuts
Service does: X-Rays
Facilities available between 9.00am & 6.30pm.

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