Coronavirus COVID-19 Symptom Checker

Call 999 now if you have any life threatening symptoms:

  • Severe breathing problems (e.g. can’t talk normally, turning blue and gasping)
  • Chest pain (e.g. like a tight band or heavy weight in or around the chest)
  • Stroke (e.g. unable to raise arm, one sided limb weakness or drooping face)
  • Severe injury/heavy bleeding that cannot be stopped
  • Fitting now/unconscious (e.g. cannot be woken)

If you develop symptoms within 10 days of receiving your Covid-19 vaccine such as a new onset of chest pain, shortness of breath, or changes in the rhythm of your heartbeat, please seek medical help urgently by calling – 111/999.   

If your child is unwell it is likely to be a non-coronavirus illness, rather than coronavirus.  Please remember if your child has symptoms that are causing you concern you can call NHS 111 Wales or their GP surgery for health and care advice.  Further advice for parents on managing childhood illnesses during the coronavirus pandemic is available from the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health here.

COVID-19 Advice:

  • for general guidance if you have symptoms of a respiratory virus, including COVID-19, click here
  • if you have returned from outside the UK in the last 10 days click here

Use this self help guide if you think you/someone else with you:

  • have symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) OR
  • you are unsure and need further guidance.

Please DO NOT go to your GP Surgery, a pharmacy or hospital.

REPEAT PRESCRIPTIONS – Please use ‘my health online or telephone your GP practice during normal surgery working hours.

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