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This service is not suitable if you (or the person you are asking about) are feeling ill or have symptoms. To check symptoms and get advice on what to do if you are unwell, go to our NHS 111 Wales online symptom checkers. You can also seek medical advice from your local pharmacist. If it’s an urgent health concern, call 111.

You can ask a question about health and we will reply within five working days (working days do not include Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays).

We can answer questions about:

  • green tick Common conditions
  • green tick NHS services and local support groups
  • green tick Patients rights and help with health costs
  • green tick Long term conditions, healthy lifestyles and much more

We cannot answer questions if:

  • red cross You (or the person you are asking about) are unwell and have symptoms
  • red cross You (or the person the enquiry is about) live outside of the UK
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