Cardigan Integrated Care Centre

Cardigan Integrated Care Centre

Rhodfa'r Felin


SA43 1JX

Tel: 01239 801560 ext. 311400

Fax: 01239 623396

Disabled Access: Yes



People are reminded not to attend the MIU if they have any coronavirus symptoms, have been asked to self-isolate, or awaiting a Covid-19 test result.

Anyone needing to visit the unit should do so alone where possible, wearing a suitable face covering and keeping to the 2m social distancing rules at all times.

The unit cannot deal with: Anything that should go straight to an A&E Department e.g., Major back, rib, neck or pelvic injuries. Chest pain. Severe shortness of breath. Overdoses - alcohol or drugs. Threatened miscarriage. Severe mental health problem. If any patients with severe injuries or conditions present at the MIU, the nurse will assess and refer to an A&E.

Out Of Hours Access Arrangements: Can refer patients to the nearest open MIU when this MIU is closed, or patients can be seen in their nearest Emergency Department if urgent.

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Normal Opening Hours

Minor Injuries Unit Facilities

999 CasesGP Referrals with ambulanceGP referrals without ambulance
Minor TraumaNoNoYes
Major TraumaNoNoNo
General MedicineNoNoNo
Paediatric MedicalYesYesYes
Paediatric TraumaYesYesYes
MIU OpenClose

Services Offered

Service does not: Access To Fracture Clinic
By referral only.
Service does: Assessment Of Eye Injury
Service does: Bank Holiday
Service does: Child Emergencies
Children can be seen in the Minor Injury Unit. Cannot see children under 1 year of age.
Service does not: Complaints & Concerns
Service does not: Doctor On Site While Open
Service does: Emergency Contraception (Free)
Service does: Interpreter/Translation Available
Language Line
Service does: Manipulation Of Fractures Dislocation
Service does: Minor Burns
Service does: Minor Head Injuries
Service does: Minor Injury Unit
Exclusions for head injury, patients taking anticoagulant medication, loss of consciousness, Unwitnessed fall any, significant head injury, any child under one years old. any patient who would need a CT scan.
Service does: Nurse In The Department While Open
Service does: Nursing Staff Able To Prescribe
Only some pain relief, anitbiotics, entonox, tetanus, eye drops, antihistamines
Service does: Physiotherapy
Service does: Plastering
Service does: Sprains and Fractures of Limbs
X-rays can be taken and temporary Plaster of Paris applied if needed.
Service does: Suturing
Service does: Telemedicine Links
Service does: Tetanus Vaccination
For injured persons.
Service does: Treatment Provided By Nurse Practitioners
Minor Injury trained Nurses.
Service does not: Waiting Times Officer
Service does: Wound Care
Cuts, grazes, splinters etc.
Service does: X-Rays
Monday to Friday between 9.00am& 5.00pm - all general x-rays

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