Sexual Health Clinics - Wrexham & Flintshire

Tel: 03000 856000 / 03000 847662

Disabled Access: Yes


Helpline Number

03000 856000 / 03000 847662


Sexual health clinics offer a range of services to support a range of sexual health needs.  The clinics will offer support, testing and treatment and may refer onward if needed.  

Services are currently by appointment only and the helpline can be every busy at times - the advice is to keep trying the telephone line.  You cannot leave a message.  The helpline will direct you to the most appropriate clinic.  The health board operates several clincis across Wrexham & Flintshire. 

If the helpline is not available, contact your GP practice for advice during normal opening hours.  

Alternatively, the Frisky Wales Website offers a range of resources for information and also services for home delivery of sexually transmitted infection (STI) screening.

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Normal Opening Hours

Helpline Opening Hours

Appointment Line (03000 856000)OpenClose
Appointment Line (03000 847662)OpenClose

Services Offered

Service does: Appointment Required
Service does not: Bank Holiday
Service does: Blood Borne Virus Services
HIV screening & care, pst exposure prophylaxis for HIV, Hepatitis B vaccinations (high risk patients).
Service does: Cervical Screening/Smears
Service does: Contraception Available
Cap/diaphragm fittings, condoms, female condoms, injectable contraception, contraceptive implants, IUS/IUCD (coil) checks, oral contraception, spermicidal gels/creams.
Service does not: Drop In Clinic
Service does: Emergency Contraception (Free)
Emergency oral contraception, IUD (coil).
Service does: Family Planning Services
Pregnancy testing, safer sex education, unplanned pregnancy advice.
Service does: Pregnancy Advice And Support
Service does: Pregnancy Advisory Service & Abortion
Service does: Pregnancy Testing
Service does: PrEP HIV Prevention
Telephone 01745 443301 or visit
Service does: Psycho Sexual Counselling
Service does: Service Available in Welsh
This is subject to availability. Please contact the service directly to discuss provision / access to the service in the medium of Welsh.
Service does: Sexual Health Advice
Service does: Sexual Health Clinic
Service does: Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) Services & Screening
Chlamydia, genital herpes, gonorrhoea, non-specific urethritis, pubic lice, scabies, syphilis, trichomonas vaginalis, thrush, bacterial vaginosis, investigate menorrhagia/pelvic pain.
Service does: Telephone Information/Advice

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