Victoria War Memorial Minor Injury Unit

Salop Road


SY21 7DU

Tel: 01938 558900

Disabled Access: Yes



Please note: the MIU prefers for contact to be made prior to attending to obtain an appointment.  Patients are required to contact the hospital and they will be called back by a member of the MIU team and offered a telephone consultation.  If they need to be seen, they will be provided with a designated clinic time.  Patients to call: 01938 558919 or 01938 558931.

Out Of Hours Access Arrangements: Can refer patients to the nearest open MIU when this MIU is closed, or patients can be seen in their nearest Emergency Department if urgent.

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Normal Opening Hours

Bank Holiday8.00am8.00pm

What will be seen

Type of InjuryYes/NoMore Information
Abdominal InjuryNo
Airway ProblemNo
AssaultYesMinor Injuries only with no loss of consciousness
Back InjuryYesMinor injuries only & cannot x-ray spines
Bites & StingsYesExcluding severe reactions
Burns & ScaldsYesLess than 3% of body area & minor only
Chest InjuriesYesCannot x-ray chest
Chest PainNo
Ear InjuryYes
Eye InjuryYes
Facial InjuryYesMinor injuries only – cannot x-ray facial bones & no loss of consciousness or potential facial fractures can be seen
FallsYesSimple mechanical or slips
Removal of Foreign BodiesYes
Head InjuriesYesMinor only with NO loss of consciousness & no patients on anticoagulation medication
Hip/Groin InjuryYesCannot x-ray pelvis but will see HIP problems only
Limb InjuryYes
Mental HealthNo
Mouth/Dental InjuriesYes Cannot x-ray facial bones/mouth - Lip lacerations can be seen but no to dental injuries
Neck InjuriesYesMinor injuries without midline tenderness or neurological changes
Pelvic InjuriesNo
Sprains/Fractures of LimbsYes
Transport InjuryYesNot high impact

Services Offered

Service does not: 24 Hour Availability
Reduced opening hours to 8.00am to 8.00pm
Service does: Age Restrictions
No one under 2 years old to be seen at the MIU and cannot x-ray under 5 years old
Service does: Bank Holiday
Service does: Emergency Contraception (Free)
Service does: Interpreter/Translation Available
Via Language Line
Service does not: Manipulation Of Fractures Dislocation
Service does: Minor Injury Unit
Service does: Nursing Staff Able To Prescribe
Under PGD guidelines but limited
Service does: Plastering
Service does: Suturing
Service does: Tetanus Vaccination
Service does: X-Rays
Available Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5.00pm

Send To Email

Send: From NHS 111 Wales: Victoria War Memorial Minor Injury Unit - Salop Road, Welshpool, SY21 7DU, Tel: 01938558900, Disabled Access: Yes

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Send: From NHS 111 Wales: Victoria War Memorial Minor Injury Unit - Salop Road, Welshpool, SY21 7DU, Tel: 01938558900, Disabled Access: Yes