• National Rape Crisis Helpline

    Tel: 0808 500 2222

    Disabled Access: Yes

    Email: info@rasasc.org.uk

    Website: http://www.rasasc.org.uk


    The service is a registered charity completely independent from government, police or the NHS. Support services include: 

    - The national Rape Crisis helpline for women and girls, across England and Wales aged 13 years and over

    - Counselling 1-1, Group and Play Therapy for women and girls aged 4 years and over

    - Advocacy for women and girls aged 12 years and over who have or who are thinking about reporting to the police

    - Outreach support for women who face additional marginalisation and barriers to accessing support

    - Training for practitioners and organisations working across multi-agency settings and prevention with children and young people in education and youth settings

    - Consultation and responding to media and press enquiries.

    Visit the website or contact the helpline for more information.

    Last Updated: 27 February 2024 13:02 by NHS 111 Wales

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Send: From NHS 111 Wales: National Rape Crisis Helpline - Tel: 08085002222, Website: http://www.rasasc.org.uk