Welsh Gender Service

Tel: 029 2183 6619

Disabled Access: Yes

Email: Cav.Wgs_enquiries@wales.nhs.uk

Website: http://cavuhb.nhs.wales/our-services/welsh-gender-service/


The Welsh Gender Service  is based in Cardiff with Local Gender Teams based in each health board. The Local Gender Teams are made up of a doctor, who prescribes hormone therapies and a speech and language therapist, who are located closer to home.  The Welsh Gender Service are a multidisciplinary administrative and clinical team, made up of Consultants, Gender Clinicians, Clinical Psychologists, Speech/Language Therapists and Management, working together to provide holistic patient-centred care focusing on hormonal, psychological, and social aspects of transition.  All patients referred to the Welsh Gender Service must be registered with a General Practitioner. 

Third Sector Services: Umbrella Cymru provides peer support to anyone on the waiting list for an appointment. This is an opportunity to receive regular contact from someone with lived experience of gender incongruence and transition processes, giving you someone to talk to about how you’re feeling whilst waiting for your appointment, as well as a point of contact to request any additional support you might want or need. 
Umbrella Cymru (wales.nhs.uk) or https://www.umbrellacymru.co.uk/xist/ 

Referral Criteria: Patients must be a Welsh resident, registered with a Welsh GP and have not had a first appointment or initiated treatment with another gender identity clinic.

Referral Process: GP referral through WCCG. If a patient has any queries regarding their referral, please contact the clinic directly.

Signposting to Other Agencies: Legal News Cardiff, Trans Aid Cymru & Stonewall.

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Services Offered

Service does: Age Restrictions
The Welsh Gender Service does not provide care or advice to anyone under the age of 18 years old. However, we will receive referrals for patients from the age of 17.5. The referrer and patient must understand that responsibility for the patient remains with the referrer until the patient turns 18 years old and is accepted on to the Welsh Gender Service waiting list.
Service does: LGBTQ+ Service
Service does not: Referral - Self Referral
Service does: Referring Professionals
GP Referral Only
Service does: Service Available in Welsh
This is subject to availability. Please contact the service directly to discuss provision / access to the service in the medium of Welsh.
Service does: Specialised Gender Dysphoria Service for Adults
Service does: Support Service

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