Health Wellbeing & Support - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a local health, wellbeing & support service?
You can use NHS 111 Wales’ Health, Wellbeing & Support directory to search for a local health, wellbeing or support service. The directory contains information about a wide range of community groups, befriending schemes, condition specific support groups, transport schemes and chronic condition management services to name just a few.

If you need more help or can’t find what you’re looking for, call NHS 111 Wales.

What can I expect from services listed in the Health, Wellbeing & Support Directory?
These services provide information, support and advice on a wide number of conditions, as well as offering opportunities for you to share your experiences and expertise with others. Many of these services focus on a specific condition, for example arthritis and diabetes and can provide valuable information on conditions and treatments that may be available. They can also support self-care for individuals and those who look after them.

Other services listed in the Directory offer physical activity opportunities, information about leading a healthier lifestyle or opportunities to learn something new or make new friends by taking up a hobby.

NHS 111 Wales will not host information on services that are of a commercial/profit nature and where the type of service offered has no direct impact on health and wellbeing.

I’ve been trying to get in touch with a service I found listed in the Directory, but no one answers the phone
Some health, wellbeing & support services are run by one person or by a small team of volunteers, so opening times and services offered can sometimes be limited. If you can't get through to them straight away, try calling at different times of the day or if possible, leave a message with the group asking them to call you back. Some groups also have a website or an email address you can use to contact them.

Where are these services based?
There are services listed in the directory from across Wales.These services can be based at a very local level and meet in local community centres or they can be based nationally, covering the whole of Wales with a central office and telephone support.

How often is information held in the Directory updated?
Information held on all the services is updated every year to ensure information is as current as possible. Groups can also sign up to a free online web service called ‘Exsight’ which allows them to update the information themselves. For more information on ‘Exsight’ please contact

Is there a charge for joining these groups?
A lot of these services are free to join, though some may charge for accessing the services they offer. If there is a charge, where possible this is listed on the ‘Services Offered’ tab.  You can also become a member of some of the larger national organisations at a reasonable cost.

I’ve searched the Health, Wellbeing & Support Directory, but haven’t been able to find details of a suitable service. Where else could I look to find details of local health, wellbeing & support groups?
You could try visiting our ‘Other Community Directories’ section, which contains links to other community directories which may contain additional information about groups and services not currently included in the NHS 111 Wales Health, Wellbeing & Support Directory. Please note that NHS 111 Wales is not responsible for the content or accuracy of any of the information held in these directories.

I have details of a service I think should be included in the directory, how can I add them?
You can add details of any groups or services you think should be included in the directory by completing a ‘Be Included’ form online. You’ll be asked some simple questions about what the group does and its contact details. When submitted, this information is checked for accuracy by a member of NHS 111 Wales staff before being added to the directory.

As mentioned above, NHS 111 Wales will not host information on services that are of a commercial/profit nature and where the type of service offered has no direct impact on health and wellbeing.