Different ways the Ambulance Service can respond to 999 calls

We can respond to 999 calls in different ways. The ways that we can respond to calls includes

An emergency ambulance, with a crew of 2 people Ambulance staff have green uniforms. They might also have high visibility yellow jackets.

A rapid response vehicle, which is an ambulance car with a crew of 1 person in green uniform.

A Community First Responder

A Community First Responder (CFR) is a volunteer for the ambulance service who lives within your community and uses their own car. Community First Responders are in green uniform

Our volunteer CFRs have life-saving skills and equipment. They might be able to arrive quicker than an ambulance and help a patient until an ambulance can arrive.

In some busy places, at busy times, like cities on international sports days, we have ambulance staff on bicycles.

They have life-saving equipment on their bicycles and can get to patients in pedestrian areas easier.

In extreme emergencies, we can send an air ambulance helicopter to help people.

Sometimes St John Ambulance Cymru might respond.

St John Ambulance Cymru is an ambulance charity with trained ambulance staff and ambulance vehicles, who sometimes work alongside us. St John Ambulance staff have a different green uniform.

Sometimes the fire and rescue service might be sent to give emergency first aid.