What the ambulance staff will do if they come to see you

When help comes to you, staff should check 7 important things. These checks will help the staff find out what is wrong and what help you will need.


How hot or cold you are

The ambulance staff will put a thermometer inside your ear. It will beep, then they take it out.

Blood pressure

How hard your heart is beating

The ambulance staff will put a cuff around the top of your arm. The cuff squeezes tight, then goes loose.

Oxygen levels

How much oxygen is in your blood

The ambulance staff will put a small clip on your finger to check your oxygen levels.


How fast your heart is beating

The small clip on your finger will check your pulse at the same time that it checks your oxygen levels. The ambulance staff might hold your wrist with 2 fingers and press gently.


The ambulance staff will watch your chest to see if you are breathing normally.

The ambulance staff might use a stethoscope. They will put one end on your chest or back and the other ends in their ears to listen to your breathing.

Blood sugar levels

How much sugar is in your blood

The ambulance staff will put a small machine on your finger. You will then feel a small scratch which might hurt a little bit. Another machine tests a tiny bit of blood. The machine tests the blood to see how much sugar is in it.

Pain score

How much does it hurt?

The ambulance staff will ask how much does it hurt? You can tell them, or you can point to a picture scale that they can show you.

The ambulance staff may need to do other things, for example, feel your tummy, or shine a small torch to look in to your eyes. The ambulance staff should always tell you what they are doing and why. If you want to know, you can ask what is happening.