Non Emergency Patient Transport Service

The Non-Emergency Patient Transport Service is for patients who have planned medical appointments at a hospital or clinic but cannot travel themselves.

You can use the service if you have an eligible medical need.

An eligible medical need means; a reason why you cannot travel to your appointment yourself because of your health.

Reasons you could be eligible for hospital transport include;


You have regular dialysis or cancer treatment;

You need a stretcher for the journey;

You need oxygen for the journey;

You need to travel in your own wheelchair;

You cannot walk without support;

Your health need would make it difficult to keep your dignity on public transport;

You have severe communication difficulties or;

Your treatment will have side effects that mean you cannot travel home alone.

Hospital appointments and clinics that you can use Non Emergency Patient Transport to travel to include;


Outpatients appointments; Kidney Dialysis and Oncology (cancer) treatment; Day Centre and psycho-geriatric clinics; Planned admissions & discharges,?if someone needs to move from one hospital to another.

When you get an appointment, the hospital or clinic should send you an appointment letter.

The letter should have your NHS number, and the time date and address of your appointment.

If you get a letter for an appointment, you can use our online checker to see if you might be eligible.

If you are eligible, call our free booking Line on 0300 123 2303

When you phone us, you will speak to a member of the Non Emergency Patient Transport team.

If you need an interpreter when booking non emergency transport, , you need to say the English name of your language.

The call taker will contact an interpreter. The interpreter who speaks your language might be anywhere in the world, so it might take time to connect.

The line will go quiet while we connect you. You might hear beep sounds. Do not hang up.

The interpreter will talk with you and the line will go quiet again while they tell us what you say.

First, we will ask you questions about your health to see if you are eligible.

If you are eligible, we will ask for the details of your appointment, like time, date and address of your appointment.

This information should be on the appointment letter you had for your appointment.

If it is difficult to arrange transport for yourself, someone else can help you. You can also book transport for someone else with an eligible need.

If you are not eligible, you might be able to get other help to travel to your appointment.

We can let you know about other services that will suit your health needs.

As well as ambulances, we also have ambulance cars and volunteer car drivers. If you are eligible for transport, and if you can get in and out of a car, you might get a service from an ambulance car, with a driver from the Ambulance Service in green uniform,

Our volunteer car drivers uses their own car and do not wear uniform.

Cancelling bookings

If you have a booking with us, and you do not need transport to your appointment any more, phone 0300 123 2303 to cancel your booking.

It is very important to cancel your booking. When you let us know that you don’t need transport any more, we can offer the transport to other patients.