Respecting cultures and wishes

We know how important it is to respect everyone’s cultures and wishes. We are talking with people across Wales, to understand what dignity and respect means to individuals and communities when they use our services.

Please let us know about anything that is important to you and we will do what we can to help.

Some of the things that people have told us are important, can sometimes be difficult for us to do, especially in life threatening situations. In life threatening situations, we need to work quickly, and we need to make sure everyone is safe. This includes the patient, our staff, families and friends and anyone nearby.

Some examples include,

It’s important that visitors take their shoes off before entering the house or a particular room.

Our protective boots are designed to keep staff safe.

If we need to act quickly to save a life, or if there could be danger nearby, we will need to leave our boots on.

A female patient might prefer a female member of staff to treat them.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee what staff will be available at the time of your call. We send the quickest or the nearest resource to 999 calls. This could be an all-female crew or a mixed crew, but it could be an all-male crew or 1 person.

We want to talk with communities across Wales, so that we can improve everyone’s experience when they use our services.

If you would like to talk about your experience, or if you would like us to meet with your community, you can email