Different NHS services, and when to use them

This page explains how to get the right help at the right time.

More information can be found on NHS 111 Wales website.

Self Care

When you can take care of yourself at home.


Simple medicines
that can be bought at a shop.

A first aid kit to treat very minor
cuts, scrapes or illnesses.

Pharmacy / Chemist


Advice for a range of common illnesses.
Medicines you can buy over the counter.
Emergency supply of prescribed repeat
medication (outside of GP hours).

Opticians and Dental


For eye care and advice, or eye emergencies;
visit your local optician.

For oral health and advice use
NHS 111 Wales.

GP surgery

or GP out of hours.


Diagnosing and advice on common
health conditions and illnesses.

Minor Injury Unit


Less serious injuries;
sprains and strains, a small burn,
if you think you have a broken bone.


NHS 111 Wales

Urgent health concerns
that cannot wait.


When you are feeling unwell,
or it’s urgent, but not an


A&E Emergency Department

If you can get to hospital yourself
for a life threatening or serious
illness or injury.


severe chest pain,
severe breathing problems,
severe bleeding.

999 Ambulance

When every second counts.
When life is at risk.


Life threatening emergencies;
Severe breathing problems,
Severe bleeding.