If you need an interpreter when you phone NHS 111 Wales

If you need an interpreter, ask as soon as you are connected to the call handler.

You need to say the name of your language - in English.

For example, “Arabic” or “Ukrainian”.

We use a service called Language Line.

The interpreters at Language Line could be anywhere in the world. It might take time to find someone who speaks your language.

When the interpreter is ready, they will speak to you.

The interpreter will ask you the questions we ask in your language. Answer the interpreter and they will tell the call handler.

The call will go quiet while the interpreter speaks to the call handler.

Stay on the line and wait for the interpreter to come back to you.

If you used an interpreter when you phoned NHS 111 Wales, and a clinical advisor is going to ring you back, we should have an interpreter ready on the line, when we phone you back.

If this has not happened, you can ask for an interpreter again. You will need the English word for your language.