The NHS in Wales

The NHS In Wales is split into 7 local health-boards. The local health boards are responsible for planning and delivering NHS health services in their areas, such as hospitals Pharmacy, and Mental Health services.

The health boards are also responsible for contracting GP surgeries in their area.

There are also 3 NHS Trusts. Each Trust is an organisation that covers the whole of Wales

Welsh Ambulance Service NHS Trust

Blue light emergency ambulance service and non-emergency patient transport services for all of Wales.

The Welsh Ambulance Service also run NHS 111 Wales phone and website services.

Velindre University NHS Trust

Velindre University NHS Trust provide specialist health care services such as cancer treatment and Welsh Blood Service across Wales.

Public Health Wales NHS Trust

Public Health Wales protect and improve health and well-being and reduce health inequalities for the people of Wales.



Information and links to all these service websites can be found on NHS Wales Website Local Services - NHS Wales