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Gender Identity

For information on the list of LGBTQ+ terms visit Stonewall.

It is up to you how you transition, and it is ok to change again in the future. The Terrence Higgins Trust has information for trans people, explaining the different transitions.

The Equality Act legislation means that it is illegal for anyone in the NHS to refuse to treat you or to treat you unfairly because of their prejudice against trans people.

You have a right to raise a concern if you are treated badly, and you will not get worse care as a result. For further information on the Putting Things Right process.

As a trans person, there are certain things that you need to consider about your health which may be different to cis people. This includes sexual health, screening and access to healthcare for trans people.


Gires trans health fact sheets.

Terrence Higgins Trust general resources for trans men and trans women.