COVID-19 vaccine information

A Guide for Adults (Jan 2021)

Why do I have to wait for my COVID-19 vaccine?

Protection for health and social care staff (Jan 2021)

What to expect after your COVID-19 vaccination

I am pregnant and have been offered a COVID-19vaccination. What are my options?

General vaccine information

Complete Routine Immunisation Schedule Wales from March 2021

Routine Childhood Immunisation Schedule from March 2021

What to expect after vaccinations leaflet (2021)

Vaccines and Porcine Gelatine leaflet (2016)

A guide for People Without a Working Spleen (2016)

Childhood Immunisation Poster 

Information sheet for parents and healthcare professionals. The infant schedule for pneumococcal vaccine is changing.’ (2020)

Measles - The Facts* (2017)

Measles - Don't catch it poster (2017)

Have you had your MMR poster (2019)

Get vaccinated against pneumococcal disease (2021)

Babies, toddlers and children

Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, Polio, Hib & Hepatitis B vaccine for babies and children (“6 in 1”) leaflet (2021)

Meningitis B - Protecting your baby against meningitis and septicaemia caused by meningococcal B bacteria leaflet (2017)

Protect your baby against rotavirus infection (2020)

MenC Vaccination Programme – Information for Parents flyer (2016)

Hib/Men C vaccine at 12-13 months leaflet (2016)

Pneumococcal vaccine for children under two years leaflet (2021)

Are you protected against Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) leaflet (2018)

Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis and Polio vaccine for children before they start school (“4 in 1”) leaflet (2016)

Beat Flu poster (children – school) (2019/20)

Beat Flu Poster (Children - 2&3) (2020/21)

BCG Vaccine for babies and children (2018)

Flu. Protect your child 2020/21

Public Health Wales flu leaflets in different languages

Teenagers and young adults

Protection against tetanus, diptheria and polio (2019)

Protection against meningitis and septicaemia (2021)

HPV Vaccine Protecting you from HPV cancers poster (2019)

Born between 01.09.96 and 31.08.99?  Meningitis Kills poster (2018)

Calling all University Freshers - Meningitis poster (2018)

Are you protected against Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) leaflet (2018)

HPV Vaccination. Protecting against HPV infection to help reduce your risk of cancer (2020)

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination factsheet: information for health professionals, parents and young people (2019)

HPV Flyer: Having the HPV vaccine can help reduce your risk of cancer (2020)

Easy Read HPV vaccination leaflet (2020)

Public Health Wales flu leaflets in different languages


Beat Flu poster (pregnant) (2019/20)

Pregnant? Protect yourself and your baby from flu (2019)

Pregnant? Protect your unborn baby from whooping cough (2021)

Pregnancy - How to protect you and your baby (2020)

Flu can kill. Protect yourself and others (healthcare worker flyer)

Flu can kill. Protect yourself and others from flu with a FREE vaccine (care home worker flyer)

Beat Flu Poster (general – family) (2019/20)

Beat Flu Poster (healthcare worker) (2019/20)

Beat Flu Poster (Care home worker) (2019/20)

Beat Flu Poster (Catch it Bin it Kill it) (2019/20)

Beat Flu Poster (general – older person) (2019/20)

Flu, get protected. Flu vaccination in 2020/21

Do you work as a carer? Poster 2020/21

Domiciliary Carer A5 flyer 2020/21

Have you had your MMR poster (2019)

Shingles poster (2019)

Shingles leaflet (2019)

Public Health Wales flu leaflets in different languages

Other vaccines

Am I at risk of hepatitis? Leaflet* (2010)


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