Footballer Stephen Hauschka announces retirement ends his 13 year NFL career

The 35 year old kicker retired on his own instagram, ending his 13-year-old career.

Stephen Hauschka jersey started his career with the Baltimore Ravens in 2008, joining Denver Broncos for a year after two years with the crows, but he is best known for his six seasons with the Seattle Seahawks. During this period, he helped Seahawks enter the Super Bowl twice and win the 48th Super Bowl Championship. Hauschka’s performance was very reliable. He tried 197 free kicks in 96 regular matches for Haiying, and the success rate was 88.8%, and the success rate of scoring extra points was 95.1%.

Hauschka was more reliable in the playoffs, making 20 free kicks for the Seahawks, only one failed.

Hauschka joined Buffalo Bills in 2017 and continued his steady performance in his first season of playing for Bills. He tried 33 free kicks with a success rate of 87.9%. After making his first playoff debut since 1999, Bills scored the team’s only point in the playoffs when the team lost 3-10 to the Jacksonville Jaguar. In the 2019 season, when Bills entered the playoffs again, Hauschka hit all four free kicks and one touchdown bonus shot in the team’s loss to the Houston Texan.

But in his last two seasons with Bills, Hauschka’s performance began to decline.Buffalo Bills NFL player jerseys decided to use rookie kicker Tyler bass this season, while Hauschka joined the Jaguar. But after two free kicks failed in October, he was cut off by Jaguar.

Former NFL running guard legarrette Blount officially retired.

The three time Super Bowl winner announced the decision on his personal instagram.

“I just want to inform you that I am officially retired,” Blount wrote.

Blount announced his retirement on his 34th birthday, but the last time he stepped on the field was in 2018. During his nine-year career, Blount has made his mark in the NFL with his aggressive style.

In nine seasons, legarrette Blount jersey has played for six different teams. From the University of Oregon, he joined in Tennessee Titans player as a failed rookie. But his career debut came in 2010 for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers jerseys retirement news. In 2013, Blount was traded to New England Patriots. He joined Pittsburgh Steelers the following year, but returned to patriot the same year and served until 2016. He spent his last two seasons in the Philadelphia Eagles and the Detroit Lions.

Blount spent most of his career with patriots, helping the team win the 49th and 51st Super Bowl titles. And he won a third ring at the Eagles.

“All in all, I love playing for these teams and I love the people in those teams,” Blount finally wrote.