On Tuesday, us time, according to several media reports, the Washington football team will announce its new name before the super bowl. At this time, it has been 19 months since the team changed its old name.

The specific date of announcing the new name is February 2, 11 days before the super bowl. ESPN reporter reported that the final eight candidate names include Armada, presidents, bride, red hogs, commanders, redwolves, defenders and football team jerseys.

According to reports, the favorite name among fans is wolves, but this name has been registered by other teams. The main colors of the team will still be wine red and gold.

Doug Williams, senior consultant of the team, said: “I can’t wait to see players and fans wearing jerseys with the new team logo…. the jerseys are very simple, and I think the jerseys should be simple. The player number and the stripes on the shoulders are enough. The jerseys will be very beautiful.”