Buccaneers linebacker White: 2022 goal only Super Bowl

After quarterback Tom Brady retired and returned, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers currently have only one target.

“Super Bowl. The only goal now is the super bowl.” Line guard Devin White said on Wednesday, “we all know… This is the only goal. This is what we pursue and desire. We also know that this season is still a long time, and it is not the time yet. But this is the goal we strive for.”

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers jerseys easily won the League of nations south in 2021, but were knocked down halfway by the ram who finally became the Super Bowl champion and missed the attempt to defend the title.

“It took me a long time.” “I knew it at that time,” White said when talking about getting out of the haze. “I have been telling my teammates that the team that wins this game will win the super bowl jerseys online, because we are both balanced and excellent teams.”

Buccaneers will face ram in the 9th week of this season and get revenge. This may also be the key battle of their 2023 journey.