NFL in China develops very rapidly over the past few years, more than 10 times the growth in the number of fans reached 19 million people, the numbers are large, but compared with the China population still has very large development space, and Manning’s visit is to promote NFL and rugby, the prospect of the sport in Chinese, Manning what is the point?

I went to many places in Shanghai and Beijing. I saw a lot of people. I enjoyed the trip very much. It was a very valuable experience in my life. I talk to different people about football and football in China, and hope that more people can enjoy football. In short, the trip left me with a very good memory.

Wang Meng: from a cultural point of view, the development of American football in China is very fast, you come to China this time, how to feel the football in China is how the situation.

We have a lot of good basketball fans, of course, football, swimming and so on China more popular than football, but as long as there are people who love this sport, we can let more people to participate in, the best way is to let more people in the sport and watch the game. Chinese has its own rugby union, hope they can continue to develop, let the young people involved, can let the young people watch the game gathering in crowds and groups. For me, the Tuesday morning live for me is a very unique viewing experience. While Tuesday morning for most Chinese people are working, but they can be viewed through social networking and friends, such as WeChat. Of course, watching the game is just a start, our ultimate goal is to be able to bring it to china. This is a very exciting thing, because Beijing has successfully held the Olympic Games in 08 years, of course, Beijing will certainly be able to hold a football game, this is our new goal.

Liu Fei: do you have a different feeling when you use your mobile phone to watch a football match in China?

Manning: I think it’s very good. In the USA, I will watch the Games in my hometown New Orleans on Sunday afternoon. In Beijing, I was sitting on the car on Tuesday morning with a mobile phone or iPad to see NFL Jerseys China cheap game live, this experience is very unique. And I know there are a lot of fans watching the game in China, I am very happy to be able to participate in it.

We want to play football for young people to create a better environment, so that they are interested in football, let them know the rules, but also can better understand the rich connotation of the NFL, in short, to allow more people to participate in and watch football. China has very good fans, we must let everyone know the sport’s beauty, once you understand the football, you will love it.

We want them to understand the beauty of football, the best way is to let them play. Have you ever thought that one day the super bowl will be held in China?

Super bowl is our final final, our first goal is to let the regular season in Beijing, I believe that Beijing has a very rich experience to host the game. As a player, I am looking forward to playing in China very much, and now NFL began hosting games in Tokyo and Mexico, outside of the United States, we also have a lot of fans, I believe can play a real game in China, this is very exciting.

China already has a lot of Football League, such as the city bowl, these games should maintain the original American football, should join more Chinese localization elements!

We should have an open mind, and make the rules more flexible. But now that these rules have been very good, can make football an exciting sport, both for the players and fans alike.