Adrian Peterson eat seafood indulgence

Adrian Peterson came to New Orleans nfl jerseys, he love the city, rather than the team, Peterson seems more love the seafood here, although as an occupation player, Peterson should not be in your diet so recklessly, but very delicious seafood to let Peterson take the risk of allergies in the hospital to eat at, about 5 years ago, when Peterson was still in Minnesota, because he had a bowl of soup with seafood allergies.

But Peterson still can’t control myself, even in 2015 because he ate almost unable to get shrimp cause gastroenteritis. But Peterson did not hold himself, New Orleans has the most delicious seafood, this let Peterson completely ignore the risk of allergies, in order to be able to eat enough seafood, he also carry epinephrine to prevent allergies, but because eating seafood problems, Peterson’s body slightly some changes, his body fat began to increase, as an occupation athlete what this is not good, but Peterson said he too love seafood, his favorite oysters.

“I’ve almost finished eating them.”.” Peterson said he also expressed how happy he spent his food with him during his months in New Orleans.

“I really want to stay away from them but I can’t do that, the first time I came here, I measured the body fat, in about 7%, and two weeks later, I ate a lot of seafood, the body fat I came to the 10%, this is very terrible, I think I really can’t so eat out, but the seafood is so delicious.”

Most people do not resist such delicious seafood barbecue, think of a bottle of beer and grilled oyster scene, just let them go, even if this is the scientific diet Peterson there, but for the veteran, he must stop this life, because he needs to play a perfect body.

Ma Sean – Lynch loved by the Raiders

It plays a very great influence of Ma Sean – Lynch in the Oakland Raiders running back a young horse, Sean Lynch’s wisdom and experience is the Oakland Raiders need to influence, and the infection of young people is the Raiders Raiders hope Lynch to do. And to the young man who had a Super Bowl champion and stayed in the League for a long time, the young people of the Raiders recognized Lynch very much.

“In this league, he’s like the original gang godfather, he’s been here for a long time and he’s very experienced.” The 24 year old German Raiders running back Andre Washington said, although Lynch said the Raiders soon, but he has been like a big brother with his younger brother.

“The chance to sit down to learn from him is really a great thing, I was a young man, and he is an experienced person, I have the chance to see his wonderful performance in there, I’m trying to improve my skills, but the fact is, he will personally where do, every time after the training, I will talk to him, and then look at his thoughts, which is very helpful.” The Raiders, 23 – year-old running guard Jielun – Richard, said.

The two is the 2016 rookie running back, they will follow the horse Sean – Lynch, if there is effect, the wholesale jerseys two young running backs will play ground offensive they have to improve the team, Richard last season for 491 yards rushing and 1 touchdowns, Washington is 467 yards and 2 touchdowns.

“He used to teach us in front of our young running guards and taught us many things when he played.”. Everyone is different, but some details are universal for the running guards. He teaches us these things and teaches us how to use them. He’s a great help to us.” Richard praised Lynch’s teachings. Lynch was praised, and wherever he was, he was always loved, and his charisma was not exactly what he was in the game.