Amazon founder bid for NFL team jerseys, personal industry or based in Washington after leaving office.

Jeff Bezos, 57, founder of Amazon, will step down as CEO of Amazon at the end of the year, but his own business will not stop. On February 22, FOS reported that Bezos intends to acquire part of the equity of NFL Washington football team.

In the past few years, Bezos has been doing a lot of business around Washington. In 2013, he acquired the Washington Post, and four years later, he took Arlington, Virginia (next to Washington) as Amazon’s second headquarters. Previously, Amazon was headquartered in Seattle in the western United States.

Bezos bought a 27000 square foot mansion in Washington in 2016 and spent $12 million renovating it. CBS sports reported in November 2019 that Bezos has been in frequent contact with Dan Snyder, the majority owner of the Washington football team jerseys, since moving to Washington.

Before that, Snyder was involved in an illegal sex trafficking case, which Snyder insisted was a blackmail led by Dwight schar, another team shareholder and a real estate executive, in order to force him to sell his equity.

At present, Bezos is likely to become a new entrant to the high-level power struggle of the team jersey, and other owners of the NFL league are very willing to welcome this big man to join them.

Amazon is in talks with the National Football League (NFL) to broadcast more exclusive matches, and the cost of TV coverage is likely to double. The latest agreement is likely to be reached as early as next week.