Football! It has created the highest position in the professional sports league organization.

NFL originated in the United States. After nearly 100 years of development in the mainland, it has created the highest position in professional sports league organizations, and its brand effect is very high. However, in the case of extreme commercial development, the future development way of NFL is worrying, and expanding overseas market may be the only way out. cheap football jerseys As the sports industry gradually moves towards marketization and commercialization, China will be the best hotbed for cultivating NFL’s overseas expansion.

NFL has entered the Chinese market for nearly 30 years, but its communication effect is far less than that of the “loser” NBA in the United States. Whether the brand is really implemented is the crux. Under the cultural background of great differences between China and the United States, it is not easy to persuade Chinese audiences to accept and fully understand NFL events and their rich cultural connotation in the United States

The establishment of brand image and the promotion of competition system and rules are two important drivers to spread the connotation of NFL brand value. At the same time, we should put down the aura of “the world’s strongest” champion, actively cooperate with various local leagues in China, and find a promotion and communication path that Chinese audiences are willing to accept and can accept in combination with China’s national conditions.

At present, with the rise of Chinese sports culture, the choice of audience tends from single to multiple. In the context of global information integration, it has become a trend to absorb and accept foreign culture. NFL has a development history of nearly 100 years and has also experienced 30 years of development exploration in China jerseys. If it can succeed in promotion and communication activities in the torrent of the rapid development of China’s sports industry, NFL’s brand value will climb to a new level.