Tigers quarterback Dalton clears up the pressure for the new season: not worrying about anything else but whether to win or not

Andy Dalton has been a quarterback since he was selected by the Cincinnati Tigers in 2011. Dalton has been basically Cincinnati’s main offensive force for the past 10 years, but as his ninth season in the NFL approaches, his long-term prospects seem uncertain.

Andy Dalton enters his ninth season of NFL

Dalton, who turns 32 in October, will enter the last two years of a $115 million contract signed in 2014. The deal no longer carries any dead money, which means the Tigers can lay him off at any time without taking up the team’s salary space. Before playing for Tigers coach Marvin Lewis, he had worked for another coach, who was fired after 16 seasons Andy Dalton’s new jersey with the Tigers.

Dalton insists that he feels the season hasn’t put too much pressure on him. “I don’t feel any extra pressure,” Dalton said. “I think we have high expectations for ourselves and the team. I don’t worry about any extra pressure or anything. I just worry about whether we can win.

Just worry about whether the Tigers can win, that’s the most important thing.

Dalton finally came back from injury in 2018. The outstanding player from TCU missed the last five games of the season in order to recover a ball and hurt his thumb last season. For the tigers, this is just one of the many things that the tigers do in disorder. Don’t forget that the Tigers have missed the playoffs for three consecutive seasons. They started 4-1 in 2018 and lost nine of their last 11 games, ending the season 6-10.

But in the middle of the preseason, Taylor seemed satisfied with Dalton. “I’m glad he’s our quarterback.” Tyler said so. Taylor limited Dalton’s use in the first two preseason games. The first-line team guided only four offensives. In Dalton’s 18-12 pass, he delivered 116 yards and led a wave-of-arrival offensive. Last week, he pushed the Tigers’offensive team to the other side’s 11 yards line when he played Washington Red Skin. Although the final pass was somewhat biased, a helpless interception and return line appeared in the audience’s cheers.

Cincinnati Tigers Andy Dalton’s new season jersey

But coaches are now satisfied with Dalton’s criteria (decision-making, timing and accuracy). Pre-season is not a good way to describe the actual situation of the Tigers in the regular season, because the offense in these games is actually relatively simple.

Offensive coordinator Brian Callahan said: “We want to be fast enough and fast enough to handle the ball on the scramble line.” Carahan said that Dalton’s previous level of play should cater to the new rhythm, time control, consciousness before kick-off. This is a good sign for him. After all, Cincinnati Tigers jerseys Dalton has entered a key season. If he does well this year and the Tigers make progress under the leadership of the new coach, Dalton can have reasons and qualifications to ask for a renewal in this off-season.

Dalton is still working to bring the Tigers back to the winner’s seat. “Personally, it’s all about winning. At this point, it ensures that I know what Zack is doing. I think I’ve reached that point. Once we enter the game, we have to show ourselves well.”