People always want Giving up is also buffalo bills jerseys to have feelings dress a kind of happiness of income, that the more things they have, they will be more happy. So, this It’s only human. forced us to pursue get along the road down. But one day, we suddenly realized: our depression, boring, confused, helpless, all is not happy, and we request relevant, we are not happy, is our desire to have things too much, or too persistent, imperceptibly, we have been obsessed with something the.

For example, you fall in love with a person, and he (she) does not love you, your world in miniature in his (her) emotional, he (she) by a show of hands, a touzu, can attract your attention, you can become a source of pleasure and pain. Sometimes, you know it is not you, but want to save, or perhaps for blind confidence, or too believe, will continue to Faith moves mountains, the effort, but it was to continue the setback. Some rely on fate, and some rely on opportunities, and some people need to look at the mountains to see the mood to enjoy the water, not their own do not insist on, can not get to give up.

It is hard to know how to give up, but to walk on the back.

In our life, we always choose to take and give up, we are always eager to take, eager to occupy, often ignored the house, ignoring the negative side of possession – give up. Know how to give up the truth, we can understand “what shouzhisangyu” wonderfulness. Know how to give up the truth, wait and see things, experience cheap jerseys online and the world as vast realm, we naturally know when to give up, this is our inner balance, a good way to get happy.

Life sometimes force you have to hand over power, had to let go of the opportunity, even having to leave the love. You can’t get anything, life should learn to give up. Give up will make you appear open-minded forthright. Giving up will calm you down, giving up will make you wiser and more powerful.

What should give up? Wanted to give up the pain, humiliation left to give up hatred, to give up the hearts of all the unspeakable load; give up waste energy quarrel, give up endless explanation; give up on the power of the competition, to give up the greed for money, abandon the struggle for fame and fortune…… Everything from selfish desire, all malicious thoughts, all stubborn ideas should give up.

However, giving up is not easy, it takes a lot of courage. In the face of many things that can not be done, the courage to give up, is a wise choice. Only without hesitation to give up, in order to easily put into a new life, will have a new discovery and turn.

Life can not give up. Take away the universe of 1,000,000,000 universes, with each other, be abandoned to be taken. Man’s life is to give up and fight for the unity of the contradiction, unrestrained abandon unnecessary fame and fortune, and persistently pursue their own goals in life.

Learn to give up, itself is a kind of out of a choice, eliminate their own weaknesses, choose their own strengths. Give up is not lazy, just perfect to give up, it is in order to better progress, as the saying goes: one step as boundless as the sea and sky.

Life is short, compared with the vast history, everything enenyuanyuan, are all high official positions and riches brief moment, the Fu Fu Xi disaster, misfortune may be a blessing in disguise. Pride and frustration in life, only a short moment. Water to the poor, from sit see. How jerseys different color many ancient and modern things, pay laughing.

An old man on the train, not just to buy a new shoe lost one, the people around him are sorry. But the old man immediately threw second shoes out of the window. The old man explained: “this shoe, no matter how expensive, for me it is no use, if anyone picked up a pair of shoes, maybe you can wear it!”

Obviously, the behavior of the elderly has been the value judgment: and be an anachronism, as flatly give up. We all have something important to lose, and most of us cast a shadow on our minds. The reason is that we did not adjust to face losing, no recognition from the psychological loss, always indulge in something that no longer exists. In fact, it is better to face up to the reality than to lose it, and to think about it from another angle.

Pushkin wrote in a poem: “everything is temporary, everything will pass away.” Sometimes, the loss is not necessarily sad, but will become a kind of beauty; loss is not necessarily a loss, but rather a dedication. As long as we hold a positive and optimistic attitude, loss will become lovely. In

Life philosophy:

Give up is a kind of wisdom, it can fly the soul, can restore the nature, so that you truly enjoy life; give up is a choice, not wise to give up there is no brilliant choice.

And calm, positive and optimistic, will usher in a glorious future. Never give up no idea, but not quit, but with a kind of seeking active, positive attitude towards life.