Gold medal coach Meyer has banned three games and a lie has discredited him.

Michael Drake, president of Ohio State University, announced on Wednesday evening that he would impose a three-game ban on Ohio State Football Coach Eban Mayer after a lengthy discussion with the school board. Meyer, during his tenure as the team’s coach, turned a blind eye to assistant coach Zack Smith’s domestic violence and distorted the facts in front of the media and left himself alone.

Meyer has been suspended without pay and has been banned from contact with the team until September 2. He can continue to be a member of the Ohio State Buckeye Team, but cannot be coached against Oregon State University, Rutgers University and Texas Christian University. Meyer said on Wednesday that his reverence and loyalty to Zac Smith’s grandfather, his former mentor, and former Chicago head coach Earl Bruce, affected his judgment, leading him to do nothing about Zac Smith’s domestic violence and to take a laissez-faire attitude to hide the truth for him.

“We clearly believe that Eban Mayer did not and would not tolerate domestic violence, but that he did not take adequate management measures against Zack Smith, that the media day speech was not comprehensive and accurate, that he did not adhere to the school motto and values in the face of the media,” said Principal Drake. Therefore, Meyer was banned from contacting the team before September 2nd and banned three matches.

During the Meyer ban, Ryan Dai will be the acting manager of the team. Elban Mayer is one of the most famous college football jerseys coaches in the United States. During his seven seasons at Ohio State University, Mayer led the team to a 73-8 record, during which they won an NCAAF national championship. Mayer had previously taught at the University of Florida, Bowling Green and the University of Utah, and 17 years of teaching left him 177 – 31. Meyer’s salary in the 2018 season is $7 million 600 thousand, and the contract expires in 2022.

Zack Smith, the Ohio assistant professor, had been involved in domestic violence until he was fired in July. His wife, Courtney Smith, thought Mayer was too “indulgent” to Smith and chose to keep one eye open for the team’s record, knowing Smith’s domestic violence but hiding it for him, did not. Take any action or measure to stop Smith, kick him out of Ohio’s big coaching team, there is a fault of lax discipline. On top of that, when it came out, Meyer faced cover-ups in the media, saying he was not aware of the Smith family violence, which proved to be a lie.

Well, everybody has a different way, and in the face of a fucking life, we can only do what we can. In fact, we all cherish the hope of staying away from the world and keeping our reputation intact. For most people, turning into a handful of loess after a hundred years is the greatest wish when they see your name on the tombstone. Mayer, who faces three suspensions, is most concerned about his reputation, although he has always stressed that his goal is not to become a legend in rugby, but to turn his children into real men and benefit them for life. In fact, this is a speech any coach can make. His words are just a lie.

The penalty for three suspensions is controversial, but the tragic thing about Wednesday night is that Meyer still doesn’t understand how serious his mistake is. When asked if he thought he should be banned, Urban’s answer was simply: “I trust and support our headmaster.” This has been said two times in a row. In the next three games, NCAA Jerseys China Ohio without Meyer might have won three consecutive wins with a strong lineup and deep knowledge, but Meyer faced the media twice in a row and suffered two consecutive defeats.

Sometimes the harder you want to get something, the harder it is to get it. Elban Meyer is so concerned about his reputation that he doesn’t want his coaching career to be stained, but this time he’s going to lose it, I’m afraid.