In the new season, Xiong’s opponent, in addition to his counterparts in the north of the country, has south, north, and 49 hawks. In the south for two consecutive years have erratic but the strength of the team reached the super bowl, the North although season difference but still some details. Bear the ball offensive and defensive group great embarrassment, alone the ground offensive to blaze a new trail. If they want to win more than a few games, they must play their own morale at home, to the same area of the enemy to create trouble, and won the 49 and Brown such a weak opponent.

Expected record: 5 wins and 11 losses, is still the bottom of the partition, but slightly improved record.

The dividing line of Jay Cutler

In March 2009, the Chicago nfl jerseys bears made a blockbuster deal, their right and next year’s first round draft pick plus the original starting quarterback for the first round and round draft (Kyle Orton) from the Denver Broncos in exchange for a new occupation bowl four quarterback Jay Cutler. In the first game of the game, Cutler threw 4 shots, and in the first season he got the most League 26 shots. Quarterback scored just 76.8 of his career. Is Chicago really the tomb of the quarterback?

Mike – Ma Erci

In the 2010 season, the bears hired (Mike, Martz) as their new offensive coach. Under Cutler’s lead, the bear team took the 3 game winning streak. However, poor attack front protection led Cutler to suffer 9 kills in the fourth round of the giants against the giants and withdrew from the game with concussion. After 7 games, the bears with 4 wins and 3 losses record into the bye week. Maltz in time to attack forward adjustment, and increased the proportion of the ball, to ease the pressure Cutler suffered pressure. In the latter 9 games, the bears won 7 games, and they also won the League second with a record of 11 wins and 5 losses. The first round bye bear team in the divisional playoff win over the Seattle Seahawks, into the National League finals. Cutler pass in his playoff debut 274 yards to 43 yards rushing, passing and rushing the ball had 2 touchdowns. League finals, Cutler because of a sprained knee, half out of the game, the team finally lost the same old enemy Green Bay Packers, super bowl stage.

Surprisingly, Cutler and his bear team never got back to the playoffs again. 11 season, they were 7 wins and 3 losses in 5 consecutive defeats, Cutler and the main running Forte (Matt) season reimbursement has become a watershed. The 12 season they lost 7 wins and 1 negative good, 10 wins and 6 losses because of the small disadvantage missed the wild card. 13 season ending battle, (Aaron Rodgers) winning the array, once again snatched the bears playoff seats. For the next three seasons, the bears failed to break through 6 wins, drifting further and further away.

The record is not best, as quarterback Jay Cutler naturally became a target for all. Both willpower and professional attitudes were questioned, as did fans with smoking charts. 14 years, the team and he renewed for 7 years, 126 million, but also lead to cynicism countless. He was always a poor player and always lost when he played against the old rivals in the same area. He was also named one of the Packers’ four greatest quarterback. Finally, in March this year, the bear team officially cut off the state of ups and downs, injuries and more Cutler, declared the end of this era.

Defensive team

Tough defense is always bear the team, but the team in (Brian, Urlacher) (Lance Briggs) and other defensive star retired after facing the situation of leave no successor. The 13 season and 14 season bears defensive continuous data in the league. In the past two years has picked up to the middle level.

There are only a few problems with the second line. Kyle Fuller’s debut in 2014 was stunning, but later growth was disappointing and last year was the result of a knee injury. For Prince – Amu Camara, this is the third team in three years he has played the last two seasons, he released a total of 8 touchdowns. (Cre’Von LeBlanc) in the rookie season performance is good, but the new joined Marcus – Cooper is expected to partner with Amu Camara as the starting point guard. Amos (Adrian) last year’s play is the best in the second line, but he released 127.9 of new jerseys sale the quarterback scoring, and 10 consecutive years have missed the capture. Four round rookie Eddie – Jackson potential is high, the left leg fracture is a major reason for his decline, as a new man, he also needs more learning, is expected to appear more in the secret service group. Qiang Wei, Quentin Dempster last season played a career best performance in Dezhou, 6 steals is quite brisk, the veteran’s arrival will provide the combat power and leadership for the two bears.

To sum up, in the new season, the defensive team of the bear team may have individual players’ color performance, but to rely on this defensive team to bring victory to the team, or not enough classes ah?.

Secret Service

Barth (Connor) last season, 22 free kicks hit 17 times, can only be regarded as general, but the additional points only kick, throw a still stable. Pat O’Donnell abandon kick average number of 44 yards, net number of 38.4, 24 times into the 20 yards line, but still continued the good condition of the year before. Last year the kickoff return good performance (Deonte Thompson) is likely to be in the squad for the receiver out missed the list last year, is responsible for the punt return (Eddie Royal) has been released, to determine the appropriate return for hand bears is a pressing matter of the moment of secret service. At present, Eddie – Jackson and Tariq – Cohen et al are focused on.