The saints cheerleaders team and the courts, not equality provisions of discrimination against women

Cheerleading is an accessory of athletic events which is spawned from American sports. Youthful smart dance and sexy hot body, you must admit that if NFL has no cheerleading team, it will be less interesting and interesting.

Like many more than 20 – year – old American girls, Bailey – Davies has his own Instagram account. As a cheerleader of the New Orleans saints jerseys, Davies’s every move in the team must act according to the rules, not to publish the illegal content on the personal social networking platform, but even so, she was dismissed. According to the New York Times, Davies filed a petition for the saints to go to court, saying that the saints violated the provisions of NFL. Women and men had different standards on the same issue. They discriminated against women in a typical way.

It’s a ripple, feminists began to fan the flames, making the pressure of public opinion in the community, so this is how one thing? Davies originally released a photo of himself in Instagram in January. Though it is a bit plain, Davies called this photo. He set up privacy protection, only his own friends can see it. After seeing the matter, the saint management said that she had violated the regulations that cheerleaders could not release nude, semi nude or underwear only on personal social networking platform, and Davies still had a private dinner with the saints, so she fired her.

Davies is determined to do the female version of Colin Capet Nick, filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (the Commission is responsible for the implementation of the Civil Rights Act), the saints in memory complaints of gender inequality rules “is a set of rules for the cheerleaders (all female), a set of rules for the players (male).”

The saints also have their own reasons, they think Davies in Instagram with half naked and with only underwear publish their photo, affected the team image, also be inopportune or inappropriate appears in one of the saints players party, and some players privately contact too closely, all of this violation of the team for the cheerleaders the code of conduct for the.

The New Orleans saints jerseys nfl china explicitly, whether in real life or in the network, are required to avoid the cheerleaders to contact players, cheerleaders and players must keep a distance, not allowed to interact in the personal social platform, not to publish personal photos related with the name of the team. The rules also have specific requirements, not allowing cheerleading members to eat in the same restaurant with the players, and not to have any details on the conversation. If a player has entered the restaurant, the cheerleader must leave after entering the restaurant, but if cheerleaders first appear in the restaurant, the player will enter the restaurant later, so cheerleaders must leave the restaurant immediately. Besides, NFL has nearly 2000 players. Many people use false net names in social media. Cheerleaders must be very careful to keep distance with them, while players do not stipulate that they can leave comments on anyone’s personal social account.

The cheerleading ladies’ heart palpitations were tested once a week by the team’s cheerleading manager. Cheerleading managers are also the former cheerleaders. They are very good at it. In all kinds of index tests, the weight is slightly increased, and they will be punished severely, or even directly terminate the contract. A former NFL cheerleader wrote that he had been removed from the list because he had weighed 127 pounds and didn’t meet 122 pounds. Some of them are also fined for not wearing the right clothes or carrying the designated cheerleading ball in the rehearsals.

In contrast to the low salary of these cheerleaders, the NFL management and the players’ rich income. NFL alliance President Roger Goodall will earn nearly 40 million dollars in the next 5 years. Kirk koxings has just signed 3 years’ 84 million dollar full guarantee contract. Compared with cheerleaders, the income of the cheerleaders is very thin, and they are also subjected to all kinds of unfair treatment.

One of Bailey – Davies’s pleadings uncovered a Pandora box. The sexy and beautiful image of the youth movement conceals a lot of cold and cold facts. American professional sports, cheerleading everywhere, youth and beautiful scenery of the arena, but the beautiful story, not all moving.