The chief will meet Mexico’s first show

On Thursday night, the NFL Alliance announced the whole season of the 2018-19 season regular season.

Prior to that, the NFL alliance has announced the schedule of the new season’s International Series.

In the new season, London will hold three NFL regular matches, and Mexico City, Mexico will host a weekly night race.

The specific arrangements for the international bowl series are as follows: (after visiting Beijing time):

October 15th at 1 a.m. Tottenham stadium Seattle Sea Hawk vs Oakland Raiders

October 21st evening 21:30 Wembley Stadium Tennessee Titan vs Losangeles lightning team

October 28th evening 21:30 Wembley Stadium Philadelphia hawk vs Jacksonville Jaguar team

November 20th 9:15 am Aztec stadium Kansas City chief vs Losangeles lightning team jerseys

The three London cup competition in the new season can be seen as a lot of attention. Raiders coach Jon gruiden will face London’s media reporters’ long guns and short guns in a month or so after returning to the coaching position. Under the team’s new offensive team coach, the Super Bowl winner – the seying quarterback Russell – Wilson will also make the Oakland defender a headache.

The Titans’ match with the lightning team is the frontal quarterback between young quarterback Marcus Mario Kobita and veteran quarterback Philip Rivers. Losangeles Chong Gemini Joey – Bo SA and Melvin Ingram will put great pressure on Mario Kobita Skei. After last season’s playoffs, the hawks and jaguars will launch a defensive battle. All signs suggest that the most valuable player of the season, Carson win, will be at the London bowl.

Interestingly, 4 of the 8 teams who participated in the London bowl last season won the regular season Championships in their respective divisions. They are the New Orleans saints, the Minnesota Vikings, the Losangeles rams and the Jacksonville Jaguars. The four teams won the London bowl last season. The winner of the three London bowl in the new season also hopes to continue this rule and get a seat for the playoffs.

Unlike the London bowl competition, the Mexico City bowl of the new season will be presented in the form of a weekly night race. In view of the successful experience of 2016 and 2017, the NFL alliance signed a three year cooperation agreement with the Ministry of tourism of Mexico last November. Until the 2021-22 season, NFL jerseys china will play the regular season in Mexico City. A total of 77 thousand spectators arrived at the Mexico City Bowl New England patriots against the Raiders last season.

For the Emirates, this will be the first regular season in team history in Mexico. Kansas City people participated in the pre-season match in Monterey, Mexico, in 1996. Unlike the chiefs, the rams never played in Mexico. The biggest point in the game was that Marcus Peters, the goats who had been traded by the chiefs to Losangeles earlier this year, would be on the old club for the first time.