NFL old driver accompany you for new year’s Day! Experts recall 2020 season and look forward to the future!

NFL old driver official account has launched a new column: “old machine forum”. In this column, we have invited many NFL football fans. They will discuss the recent major events in the league with Xiaobian in this program.

In this program, we invited NFL veteran driver content creators: version a, Aibao, Dabai, two good and two bad

The content creators of NFL veteran drivers will review the past year 2020 and choose one thing that impresses them most. In the welcome part, teachers will look forward to the NFL in 2021.

What’s the most impressive thing about NFL in the past 2020?

Version a: the most unforgettable thing for me in 2020 is Prescott’s serious injury in mid October. With a click, it is not only the brittle sound of ankle fracture, but also the sound of 40 million people’s dream breaking.

Aibao: the most unforgettable thing is that chiefs quarterback mahome signed a contract worth more than 500 million yuan!cheap jerseys online I thought that he would be the highest salary in NFL, but I didn’t expect that his salary would be as high as 50 million a year. I’m afraid that no one would surpass him in the next five or even 10 years! However, mahomus also used this season’s performance to prove that he is really worth the contract, and another MVP is waving to him.

Bai: the most unforgettable one is Mary Wanfu of Hopkins. I remember I couldn’t wait to send the video to my friends at that time, but I didn’t expect that this ball was going to use up all my good luck, which made them have to play with RAM in the last week.

Two good and two bad: “Hail Murray”, although the homonym borrowed from Murray, Hopkins was the first one to Kill Bill at the last moment. In the face of three professional bowl level defensive guards, “father Huo” picked three to win the ball, which is probably the most unlikely in the history of NFL.

What are your expectations for the NFL in 2021? What’s your message?

Version a: what I look forward to most in 2021 is very simple. Let the epidemic come to an end. I’m fed up with the empty stadium stands. Let the devil’s home, hell’s decibel and the 12th man come back! In addition, I hope that the draft quarterback in 2021 will be able to become a talent like the 2012 draft and dominate the next decade.

Aibao: the trend of Texans in 2021 is the most noteworthy. Can the new general manager make up for the poor defensive team? Who will the new manager hire? Can the offensive system fully match Watson’s characteristics? What is JJ Watt’s position in the future planning of the team? There are so many outstanding issues, I believe they will make the headlines many times in the off-season.

Da Bai: in 2021, I’m looking forward to the reunion of the big guys. Don’t retire. Otherwise, I always feel that the NFL is missing something. Maybe after two years’ rest, Lacker can come out again.

Two good and two bad: 2020 will be a tough year for sports fans jersey, and the new crown epidemic will leave us without the ball to watch for several months. Olive fans are relatively lucky, because of the season, the NFL has largely avoided the “capture” of the new crown. I believe that with vaccination on the agenda, next year, whether it is watching football or daily life can be on the right track as soon as possible. Here I would like to thank the fans for their long-term support for the old drivers and wish you more yards in the New Year!

Finally, I wish you all a happy New Year’s Day! Everything goes well in the new year, and don’t forget to focus on NFL football jerseys cheap! The regular season is coming to an end. Which teams will finish the counter attack in the last week?