Many of the NFL players’ contracts will draw up additional rewards associated with their data and time. As a result, in the NFL alliance, a player who challenges himself and makes millions of dollars on the basis of a personal base salary is innumerable.

The new England patriots tight end rob Gelon ‘most is NFL League representative “bonus players”. To date, the basic income bonus season Gelon Cowes has been as high as $6 million 500 thousand, but this season he’s salary is only 4 million 250 thousand dollars.

So, how so many big Gelon prize it? What about the bonus clauses of other players in NFL jerseys pal? Today, the small editor for you carefully selected 15 famous stars of the bonus clause, give you a detailed analysis of how fast gold sucking.

1. new England patriots’ tight end rob gloon

Salary: $4 million 250 thousand

Bonus: Dagelongben bonus season has been as high as $6 million 500 thousand. Among them, 4 million 500 thousand of the income comes from its performance of catching more than 1000 yards, while the other 2 million bonus will come from 90% of its playing time, 80 times of catching up, 1200 yards of catching up, or one of the league’s first line-up. At present, Gelon ‘playing time accounted for 79.3%, 64 and 1017 yards to complete the ball.

Julius peipers

The 2. Carolina Panthers defensive end Julius peipers

Salary: $1 million

Bonus: as the season finished 9 sacks, peipers has received a $500 thousand reward. china jerseys If he can finish 2 more escapement in the last two games of the season, then his bonus will be raised to $750 thousand.

Bo Fekete von TAZ

The 3. Cincinnati Bengals defensive lineman Bofeikete TAZ – Feng

Salary: the maximum of 8 million 633 thousand dollars

Bonus: in the 2017 season, Bofeikete per game finalists active roster, you can get a $31 thousand and 250 reward. Bo Fekete has lost at least $93 thousand and 750 in the three game ban at the beginning of the season. According to the contract, Bo Fekete’s highest income on this clause can reach $500 thousand.