A yunga, a musical actor, officially serves as NFL China Promotion Ambassador to unlock the charm of football

On January 9, Beijing time, the NFL Major League of professional rugby officially announced that a yunga, a famous musical actor, would serve as NFL China Promotion Ambassador. A yunga, a new rugby player, will have a deep understanding of rugby, go to the 54th super bowl to watch the game, and participate in the exclusive coverage of Tencent sports, the exclusive digital media partner of NFL China, to help the promotion and development of NFL and super bowl on Tencent platform and bring the charm of NFL Rugby to a wider audience.

In recent years, with the popularity and development of rugby in China, the courage, tactical wisdom and teamwork shown in this sport are known and appreciated by Chinese fans. As the annual championship finals of NFL – Super Bowl, it is known and loved by the public for its grand game scene, wonderful match between tactics and confrontation, explosive midfield show performance and creative advertising feast.

Since the beginning of his career as a musical actor, ayunga has moved countless audiences with his representative works such as “my wish list” and “love of AZ’s memory”. In 2019, the first attempt was made to play the play merchant of Venice, which not only won the stage performance, but also helped the play become the top one of the annual ticket grabbing craze. While performing theme songs for a number of popular film and TV plays, the third part of a yunga Mini concept album “walking against the light” fearless “also won the diamond single certification of QQ music peak popularity list. The positive image of sunshine, the man’s temperament and his serious and responsible attitude towards the profession have made a yunga appear on the stage of Spring Festival gala for many times and won wide praise.

Regarding this cooperation, ayunga said: “it’s a great honor to be the ambassador of NFL China jerseys promotion. When I first met rugby, I had a strong interest in this sport. I really appreciate the courage, wisdom, perseverance and team work spirit shown in this competition, which is very similar to the musical. Every musical actor’s all-out efforts, the tacit cooperation of actors and all staff, the serious attitude to the profession, the dedication of every performance to the audience, and the players on the football field bring the fans precision again and again The array of colors is the same. I am very looking forward to the next series of cooperation, hoping to bring the charm of this sport to many people, so that they can enjoy it with me! ”

After more than ten years of intensive work, the popularity of NFL football jerseys in China is showing an explosive growth trend. Its high-quality brand image, unique sports charm and potential development prospects are also recognized by all sectors of society. American football originated from the famous Ivy League school. It is a very suitable sport to cultivate youth leadership and establish the values of life-long benefits. Rugby sports advocates team communication and cooperation, through the game to guide young people to respect each other, improve self-confidence, courage and perseverance, do not give up the spirit. Children over 3 years old can play waist flag Rugby without physical contact, exercise physical coordination, hand eye coordination and basic sense of time and space coordination. In recent years, rugby has developed rapidly in domestic high-end communities and international schools, and the number of participants has increased rapidly. In 2014, there were only eight teams with 400 players in the domestic organized amateur adult equipment League, while in 2019, the number increased to more than 80 teams and more than 4000 players. The number of waist flag rugby teams suitable for young people and the public increased from 36 in three cities in 2014 to more than 170 in 12 cities in 2019. Up to now, there are more than 50000 (under 12 years old) young people regularly participate in organized rugby training. By 2020, the number will exceed 100000. Rugby is becoming the fastest-growing sports in China.

In the fierce competition of 2019-20 season, the match between NFL teams jersey is even more brilliant, and the teams that have been promoted to the playoffs are increasingly competing for the super bowl. Which two teams will compete in the Miami super bowl, and who will win the championship, and what will happen to the midfield show guests, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez? On February 3, 2020, NFL and a yunga invite you to witness together!