You don’t know the NFL salary cap, and the ratings drop will rise by ten million.

Time flies, the eye of the February has come to the end, NFL’s agenda will also be formally entered the new season. News about the new season’s NFL salary cap is also coming up. According to reliable news, the NFL salary cap of the 2018 season will be around 179 million dollars, which is more than 10 million yuan over the previous season.

Brief introduction of salary cap: limit the amount of salary

About the salary cap system, the sports fans who are familiar with several major professional alliances in the US are not unfamiliar. This concept has been used in some other countries’ sports, but what is really promoting it is the major sports leagues of the United States. The meaning is that the total amount of wages that the team is prescriping for each season can not exceed a predetermined number. At present, both NFL and NHL use hard wage caps, that is, the most direct, not allowing any team to pay more than the required numbers. In contrast, the soft salary cap and luxury tax system adopted by NBA, which allows the team to pay more than the required price under the premise of paying the price, has both money and other aspects. MLB also uses a similar luxury tax system.

Therefore, for the hard hat League such as NFL, the calculation of the salary space becomes more and more important. The sum of the amount is mainly derived from the income of the alliance. For the four major vocational alliances, the most important source of income is the sale of copyright. In the summer of 2016, NBA jerseys china was an obvious example of a sharp rise in salary caps because of the entry into force of the new contract.

Determination of the amount: mainly related to income

As to the fact that NFL occupies the head of the turtle in the American Broadcasting community, we have done a lot of reports before. Its annual broadcast earnings of $5 billion are not only amazing in sports, but also the most valuable TV programs in the entertainment industry. In contrast, the income of NBA after the new contract, local and overseas costs are counted, every year is less than $4 billion, and even football league from NFL but still have a certain distance.

The relationship between salary cap and salary cap

So is the salary of a player only related to the salary cap? The answer is not entirely, or can be said, at least in the other major unions, the salary cap is not the only factor determining wages, but in NFL, the wage cap is the most important factor determining the amount of wages. The difference is that because NFL is too popular in the US, its joining team has always been very profitable. No team has salary space, but it can’t afford to pay money on the books. Is there a team that will save money intentionally? This is natural, far from saying that the 49 people in San Francisco and Cleveland Brown last season are a typical example. But these teams save money in order to spend the money later (NFL’s salary space can roll to the next year), not because they can’t afford it. This is not enough for the other three major sports, NBA, MLB and NHL. All three major alliances have teams who can’t get enough money to use all the salary space because of their limited income.

The decline in ratings does not affect income

Though the ratings of NFL in recent two years are not as good as before, the income of NFL has not been significantly affected. The duration of the main broadcasting contract is due in 2021 and 2022, and there is enough time to recover from the declining ratings. Before that, no matter how, the television stations were paying about 5 billion of the cost of the Union each year. In addition, the “Thursday night race” program sold by the league has been well received. The league has always adopted a short strategy, and the broadcast fee has been increasing year by year, so the team’s salary cap is also increasing year by year. The specific figures are decided by the alliance and the players’ Union. Because the range of bargaining is small, it is not difficult for both parties to reach a consensus on this matter.

Conclusion: the new free market will continue to fire.

Now, the new wage cap has surfaced, which means a new free market is about to be opened. The 2017 season is spending more than people expected the team played the title of strength, which is by the successful operation in the free market and greatly enhance the strength of the team. Therefore, it is foreseeable that the free market of NFL jerseys cheap will also be brilliant this year, rather than MLB. Almost all teams are aiming at saving money, which eventually leads to a stagnant market in the free market.