To supplement the depth of the quarterback lineup, the packer will sign back quarterback Jake dolegala.

The team official has not officially announced the news, but dogala’s agent confirmed the signing news to reporters. At present, there is no contract space on the large list of packers, and they need to lay off workers.

Quarterback Jordan love injured his right shoulder in the opening game of the preseason. cheap Jake dolegala jerseys Although there is no long-term hidden danger, he needs to be absent for a period of time. Loew was scheduled to play until the third quarter of the preseason, but he was replaced by Kurt benkert after halftime.

Dogala was originally a tiger draft in 2019 and was cut after the training camp in 2020. He stayed in the Patriot training team last season.

In addition, the Green Bay Packers jerseys nike nfl also traded with giants on the same day. They sent out the 2018 second round show Josh Jackson in exchange for the other party’s 2018 third round show Isaac yiadom.