Eagle safety Macleod will miss the rest of the season.

The eagle lost a first place security guard.

Safety guard Rodney McLeod jerseys injured his knee in Sunday’s U.S. victory over the ponies. The coach (Doug Pederson) said after the game that more test results were needed before he could confirm the injury.

According to Derrick Gunn of the NBC Sports Philadelphia Eagle jerseys Division, McRoyd underwent surgery on Thursday to repair a torn medial collateral ligament in his knee, thus missing the rest of the season and spending time on recovery after surgery.

Macleod has spent two seasons in the Hawks. He completed 10 tackles in the first three weeks of this season. Since joining the free agent in the 2016 season, Macleod has started all his own matches.

(Corey Graham) will take the place of Macleod and become the new partner of (Malcolm Jenkins). But there are no other security guards on the Hawk list, and they are expected to be reinforced in the future.