Raiders determine whether the new season’s stay in Auckland 2020 can be relocated or not

The Oakland Raiders jerseys new have finally decided on a home for the 2019 season, and the team will remain in Auckland to continue using the Alameda County Arena. On March 26, Beijing time, the NFL owner unanimously approved the raider’s application to continue to rent the Alameda County Arena at the League meeting.

In fact, the Raiders could have moved to Las Vegas in 2019, but because the Las Vegas stadium is still under construction, the team has to re-select a stadium as a temporary home. Because of the poor condition of the Alameda County Arena, the Raiders did not intend to stay in Auckland at first. They had discussed sharing Oracle baseball with the MLB San Francisco Giants, but San Francisco rejected the proposal because of the strong opposition of the San Francisco 49. In addition, the Raiders had also negotiated with the 49-man team to share the Levis Stadium, but the issue still ended without a hitch.

Last October, Marc Davis, the raider’s owner, said that even if Auckland had to complain about the team, they would not return to play in Auckland. In December, Auckland filed a lawsuit in federal court against the Raiders and the NFL alliance. However, the team slowly compromised with the city of Auckland because the Raiders were unable to confirm the temporary home. After some communication, the two sides reached an agreement: the Raiders will pay $7.5 million in rent to the Alameda County Arena in the 2019 season, but the names of the players will no longer provide any sponsorship funds for the raiders; if the Raiders still want to use the stadium in 2020, the rent will rise to $10.5 million.

From 1966 to 1981, Oakland was already the home city of the Raiders; since 1995, the Raiders have been staying in Auckland, where the local NFL fans jerseys wholesale have been integrated with the Raiders, so the Raiders can stay in Auckland, which also makes many fans cheer.

In the new season, the Oakland Raiders have decided to play an NFL regular season in London as their home team. In addition, the Raiders are considering going to Canada to arrange a home pre-season. At present, the Raiders have landed at home in the 2019 season, but whether they can move to Las Vegas smoothly in 2020 is uncertain. Due to the problem of capital turnover, the venue is expected to be completed on August 4, 2020, which is very close to the opening time of the regular season. If there are any further variables, then the Raiders can only continue to spend a season in Auckland.