Tom Brady has considered changing to the No. 7 Jersey in the Buccaneers to show his determination to win the championship

Tom Brady might have been in Tampa Bay Buccaneers were wearing a No. 7 Jersey?

When Jason Licht, general manager of the Buccaneers, was on a podcast, he revealed that Brady had considered changing his jersey number after joining the Buccaneers.

LEICHT said Brady wasn’t interested in getting the No. 12 Jersey from outside receiver Chris Godwin at first.

“He said,” Oh, he’s a great player. I won’t take his number, ‘”said lecht. “He said,” do you know what size I want to wear? I think maybe size seven. Can I wear this number? ” I said, “yes, I think so.” I said. “Why No.7?” “The seventh super bowl,” he said

In the end, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers jerseys let Godwin wear the No. 14 Jersey instead, while Brady could continue to wear the No. 12 Jersey he had been using for 21 years.

Now Brady, in his No. 12 shirt, is only one game away from winning his seventh Super Bowl.