Voltaire said: “life is to You must dare to act act like the fire to always go bengals elite jerseys life.” Dare to act, to succeed in life. To live in the world, not to be successful. But how to chase success? I’m afraid that in addition to struggle, but also dare to action. Those who dream day and day, and think of a thousand, but never put into action, will never succeed.

There is a jerseys Free Shipping saying: “heart than action!” Action is the only way to arrive at the best of success. Their own way to go, everything is dependent on the actual action.

A young man who dreams of getting rich every day, almost every day to go to church to pray: “God, please read in my many years of reverence for your sake, let me in a lottery it! Amen.” Every day, his prayers are the same. A few days later, he become dejected and despondent came to the church, the same prayer: “Jesus Christ, why don’t you let me win the lottery?” In the next few days, he was doing the same prayer every day. For the last time, he fell on his knees and said, “my God, why don’t you listen to my prayer? Let me win the lottery, even once, I am willing to believe in your life.”

At this time God can no longer bear, he said: “I have been listening to you the same prayer, I can not stand, at least you should first go to buy a lottery ticket!”

Do you also like the dream of lottery young people, all day long dream of making a fortune, but never put into action? So the result is an empty life to the old. If you have come to realize that it is not too late, since the immediate, you will think of the action, immediate action, brave to do.

Don’t dare, lazy and boast. Life needs not only the ideal, the vision, but also the action. If there is no action, you have a great ideal, vision and then lead, will accomplish nothing. Slogan who will shout, lips together, the key is to do. Life is short, can not be limited to the time to stay in the slogan.

There are two young people a and B, a due to his poor jerseys direct supply family to drop out of school to work, he went to Chicago to find a way out. Finally bought a finger brush to others jerseys different size shoes. Half a year later, he rented a shop selling ice cream, while wiping leather shoes. Later, he did not wipe the shoes, selling ice cream, and have their own ice cream factory. At present, he has more than more than 5 thousand stores in more than and 50 countries around the world. Young people and a B almost arrived in Chicago at the same time, he went to Chicago to conduct a market survey, spending hundreds of thousands of yuan fee that a result: Chicago ice cream market! When he tried to sell the cake in Chicago, he was opposed by his father. Two years later, he was still thinking about selling ice cream, doing nothing but action. When he finally decided to start selling ice cream, ice cream shop, a young man has been around the world, he has no foothold.

In real life, most people make a similar bengals concept jerseys mistake: when the heart is more, the time to act less. Always put their hopes in today, the action to stay in tomorrow’s tomorrow. Have a dream, but don’t go to action, have the determination, but not the first step. Even when things start to go, when you’re really going to do it, it’s not as difficult as you think.

When you face a difficult climb over the fence and ready to retreat, to throw the hat to the other side of the fence, so you have to force yourself to go all the way across the fence, and no matter how busy you are, you will immediately arrange for time to do this thing.

You must dare to act, the action breeds success, breeds hope. Action, may not succeed, but not action, will always fail.

Author Wu Shuxin said: “do not because of fear of losing, and not dare to have; otherwise, you will lose your life. Again, don’t worry about losing it because of what you have, or you’ll lose yourself.”

Think of it, and the caterpillar wrapped itself Wholesale jerseys authentic in a thousand threads, from a deep sleep to a waking, opening the eyes, the endless darkness filled the whole world. No sunshine, no green leaves, can not see if can not see the green to the sky. Transformation of the painful anxiety around its body, it tried to break away from the dark cage, get rid of the shackles of soul. It is with a soft head, a collision thick chrysalis, once, two times, hundreds of times, thousands of times. In the attempt, it becomes powerful, eventually open the cocoon, dance and dart.

Don’t be afraid to end, refused all the beginning, no one will know what to face tomorrow. You want to become a butterfly, must be brave in the attempt, everyone is trying to grow, without exception.